Loom - Multidemionsal MPE MIDI Controller Finds Success On Kickstarter

Loom - Multidemionsal MPE MIDI Controller Finds Success On Kickstarter

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 The Swarm is not the only synthesizer-related Kickstarter to have recently succeeded. Loom, a multidimensional MPE MIDI controller by Aodyo Instruments, has also been successfully funded thanks to backers. The Kickstarter was launched with a goal of $53,887 and quickly garnered more than double this amount. 

According to Aodyo Instruments, Loom was designed for immediate playability and expressiveness, enabling users to turn their touch into music just like a real instrument. Drawing on their previous experience with the Sylphyo, an electronic wind instrument, and Anyma, a compact physical modeling synthesizer, Aodyo Instruments decided to create a versatile and powerful controller for musicians. The goal is for it to become a flexible and original addition to any setup, whether used to play live, record in the studio, or simply compose music in your bedroom. 

While Loom looks very simple, thanks to the synergy between its surfaces and sensors, it can offer playing modes for any kind of virtual instrument or synthesizer. Aodyo Instruments has stated that Loom is designed as an extension of your hands, so it can function as a MIDI keyboard, a MIDI ribbon for those who want to break free from the keys, and a MIDI strum mode for playing chords like a guitar. In addition, Loom has a MIDI drumkit mode for rhythmic parts. These are only the first four modes on offer, with more promised as free software updates in the future.

Since Loom has a multidimensional tactile surface, musicians can independently control the pitch, timbre, and dynamics with each finger. Setting Loom apart from the competition is a patent-pending dynamic sensing system, which Aodyo Instruments claims is able to analyze when your fingers land to determine impact force. Loom is also designed in such a way that your thumbs play a pivotal role. It has additional controls on the front and back sides so the slider can be used as a modulation wheel and the bar on the right as a sustain pedal or way to mute cymbals. The same can be done with the back slider and bar or something entirely different, depending on users' preferences. 

Loom is designed from the ground up for MPE, which means individual control of pitch, volume, and timbre per note. However, it is also compatible with any non-MPE instruments, including monophonic ones. Loom's developer mode will also cater to users who know their way around code. This mode can be activated with a specific MIDI message and allows users to run their own program or script on their computer to control what happens on their Loom. Aodyo Instruments has stated that new playing modes can be designed this way and distributed to others, or it can be used to turn Loom into an experimentation platform. Thanks to USB and MIDI connectivity Loom can also easily be used with all manner of hardware and software. 

The Kickstarter campaign for Loom started in March of 2024, but Aodyo Instruments already started with independent product design, prototype, and testing at the start of the year. They aim for development and production between April and July 2024, followed by delivery to backers in Summer 2024. Aodyo Instruments has videos that show the prototypes of Loom in a functional state, so Kickstarter is being used to make further refinements and get it through the final stages of software development and production. 

More than 300 backers have backed Loom to take advantage of the 40% discount offered to super early adopters. However, some early adopter pledges are still available for about $398, which is a 35% discount off the expected retail price. Backers will receive a Loom at the discounted price along with every update on the project. 

For more information, including the technical specifications, visit the official Kickstarter page for Loom (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aodyo-anyma-phi/loom-multidimensional-mpe-midi-controller).