There are plenty of weird, wonderful, and even impractical controllers available for synthesizers. Suonobuono from Sweden is adding one more to the list with their laser-based standalone music controller, LAZER.
It's hard to believe, but 2022 is already just around the corner, and The Bob Moog Foundation is ready to welcome the new year with a brand new calendar.
Roland recently announced two new additions to their lineup of Boutique synths in the form of the JX-08 and JD-08. These synths were inspired by some of their classic synths from the eighties and nineties, namely the JX-8P and JD-800.  
Fingerlab and Jordan Rudess recently announced the release of PolyWave for iOS and Mac. According to them, it features revolutionary synthesizer technology that employs a novel wavetable sequencer to create unique and ever-evolving sonic experiences.
Dreadbox, known for the DIY synth kits such as Hades, Erebus, and Antiphone, recently announced a new addition called Dysphonia. Like the rest of their DIY kits, it is a one-time project that will not be re-released after it is sold out.
Sonicware is bringing a new groovebox to life with their Liven Bass & Beats wavetable bass synthesizer and rhythm machine.
Just in case it was the white color scheme and not the £26K price tag holding you back from purchasing a Colossus by Analogue Solutions, there is now a limited edition black version available.
This year, Roland released the JD-800 for Zenology and Zenology Pro, but now it is also available via Roland Cloud.
Korg has recently released a brand new firmware update for their Opsix Altered FM Synthesizer, and it comes with quite a few substantial new additions. The biggest change with version 2.0.0 is the newly added EFFECT operator mode.
Sampler fans who still remember the SP-404 by Roland received some good news recently with the announcement of the SP-404 MKII. The SP-404 was originally released in 2005, and the SP-404 MKII promises to be faster and better than ever.
Nektar recently unveiled their brand new mobile USB MIDI Controller Keyboard, dubbed the Impact LX Mini. It was designed to deliver the same power as their Impact LX range in a more portable format.
While there's nothing unusual about videogames featuring synthesizer music, a new title by Reckoner Industries takes things one step further. The game is called The Signal State, and it is set in a post-apocalyptic future.
Free soft synths are always welcome, especially if they offer the type of quality that can be found in FB-7999 by Full Bucket Music. FB-7999 was released recently for Windows as a VST and Apple macOS as VST/AU.
 While most of the classic synthesizers from the eighties have received some form of emulation at this point, it is interesting to see some of the more obscure ones get another chance to shine too.
Just when you think you don't need another tape echo plug-in, Cherry Audio releases Stardust 201. This is not just any tape echo, though, as Cherry Audio describes it as a "hot-rodded" interpretation of the classic Roland "Space Echo" effects that were popular in the 70s and 80s.