It’s no secret that the global supply shortage of chips has hit the synthesizer industry hard, and it is expected that the semiconductor industry will continue to suffer shortages until 2024.
Warp Records announced via their social media channels that Aphex Twin and Dave Griffiths have launched Samplebrain, which is free sound design software.
Roland announced the latest flagship model in their SPD sampling pad lineup, the SPD-SX PRO. Roland describes it as “the ultimate sampling pad for the most demanding gigs” and designed it after extensive feedback from previous models.
These past few years have seen several synth manufacturers close their doors, including the likes of WMD and Mutable Instruments. Unfortunately, Canadian-based Hexinverter is joining this list after a recently released social media post about their stock situation and future plans.
Knobcon number ten, the one-of-a-kind synthesizer convention that ran from September 9 to 11, 2022, saw several announcements. The 2022 event was held just outside Chicago, Ill., at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, with everything under one roof.
A few companies, including Modalics, D16, and Arturia, have recently released brand-new software.
1979 has recently released the Algorithmic Oscillator, a Buchla-format VCO based on Plaits by Mutable Instruments. It functions as the successor to the 1979 DAO and offers more knobs, more parameters as well as more I/O. In addition, it also has new features that are not present on Plaits.
The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have released a short documentary about the Fairlight CMI on their YouTube channel. The documentary, which clocks in at just under twenty minutes, is titled The Fairlight CMI - the story of the first commercially available digital sampler and sequencer.
According to his official website, Jean-Michel Jarre is releasing a brand new album titled Oxymore. The website describes Oxymore as an "immersive music project" and that the album is an homage to the late French composer Pierre Henry.
August has seen some new updates on the software front, with Waveform Free DAW receiving a major update and Soundtoys receiving a public beta for macOS and Windows.
As 2022 is quickly drawing to a close, there are two upcoming events for synth fans to mark on their calendars. First up is the NorthEast Electro-Music Festival or NEEMFest, which is an international electronic music festival.
Modular synthesizer maker, Make Noise has released a free album called Strega Musica, featuring several well-known names. Strega is an instrument designed by Make Noise in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini and inspired by his music and sonic experimentations.
Noise Engineering has recently announced that they will be releasing two new modules for their Legio and Versio platforms. Legio is their stereo/effects platform, while Versio is their shapeshifting effects platform.
Sad news for fans of William Mathewson Devices, or WMD as they are more commonly known, as they have announced their plans to shut down at the end of 2022. WMD is a manufacturer of modular synthesizers and effects pedals that have been around for almost two decades.
The Bob Moog Foundation has recently announced that with the start of August, they are also kicking off their annual summer synth raffle. The prize for this year is a fully restored vintage Minimoog Model D signed by the legendary Billy Joel.