Roland recently announced their brand new FANTOM-0 series, which is designed to give users the sonic power and fluid workflow of the FANTOM series, but in a more streamlined and affordable format.
Squarp Instruments has released its brand new hardware sequencer, called Hapax. According to the company, it is designed to be the centerpiece of your rig and offers every tool you could need to compose songs in the studio or perform them on stage.
Tangible Waves, known for their low-cost modular synth, the AE Modular, has turned its attention to mixers with the release of the VMIX-10. It is a portable mixer made especially with the Korg Volca series in mind.
During Superbooth 2021, Buchla USA and Tiptop Audio announced that they were teaming up to make affordable Eurorack modules of the classic Buchla 200 series modules. This was great news for people on a tight budget, but recently Buchla also made an announcement aimed squarely at purists.
Waldorf Music recently unveiled a keyboard version of their latest synth, called the Iridium Keyboard. It features a 47-note FATAR TP/8SK keyboard, complete with polyphonic aftertouch.
Behringer recently announced three new synths on Facebook that would be joining their line-up for 2022. First up is the Pro VS Soul synth, a mini-synth that draws inspiration from the Prophet VS Digital Vector Synthesizer by Sequential Circuits.
Physical Audio recently released Preparation, which they describe as a physical modeling instrument based on nonlinear models of strings and collisions.
GForce Software recently announced that they would be releasing OB-E v2, the successor to their popular OB-E softsynth. The original is based on Tom Oberheim's EVS (Eight Voice), which paved the way for the legendary OB-series that followed.
In a rather unusual collaboration, car maker KIA teamed up with Arthur Joly, a Brazilian synth designer, to release move.ment. According to KIA, this free software synthesizer was inspired by the pink noise that is produced by the sounds of movement in nature.
The organizers of Superbooth have announced that the event will take place from 12-14 May 2022 and opened up ticket sales online. SUPERBOOTH22, which takes place in FEZ-Berlin, promises 150 exhibitors for the anniversary event.
Audio Damage recently revealed that along with a new look to their website, they are making their entire legacy catalog, which comprises 33 plugins, free to everyone. The collection stretches all the way back to 2002, with the release of Mayhem.
Steinberg recently unveiled the latest update to their mobile DAW, Cubasis, with version 3.4 of the app adding a slew of new features. Cubasis is frequently updated with requested features such as MIDI Learn, Mackie Control (MCU), and HUI protocol support.
Pioneering synthesist Herb Deutsch recently celebrated his 90tht birthday. In addition to being featured in the Moog Music documentary, GIANTS, the Bob Moog Foundation is also honoring him with a fundraising raffle.
Genki Instruments, the Icelandic company behind the Wave Ring gestural controller, has unveiled their latest product called Cosmos. It is a software synthesizer featuring hand-crafted effects and a playful interface.
KORG recently announced the revival of one of their earliest synths, the miniKORG 700. Released in 1973, it was their first mass-produced monophonic synthesizer and paved the way for synths to become more mainstream.