Successful Kickstarters by Muro Box Global, SONICWARE, and Lambda Synthetics

Successful Kickstarters by Muro Box Global, SONICWARE, and Lambda Synthetics

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There have been several synth-related projects on Kickstarter recently and all of them were successfully backed very quickly. These include projects by Muro Box Global, SONICWARE, and Lambda Synthetics.

Muro Box-N40
By Muro Box Global

Kickstarter Page:

Muro Box took the whole by storm as the first and only app-controlled mechanical music box. With its patented cylinder that has flexible pins, it was able to break the limitations of the 200-year-old music box industry and allowed users to enjoy entire songs instead of short segments. However, Muro Box Global has decided to improve on the 20 notes of the original by launching a Kickstarter for the Muro Box-N40, which expands the range of the music box to 40 notes. 

The N-40 will be available in two models, a standard version as well as a “sublime” version. These new models will feature DIN 5 MIDI input and USB-C MIDI input to connect them to any MIDI devices. In addition, they incorporate a transducer pickup system to support 6.5mm audio signal output for live recording of music performances. 

The Kickstarter launched with a $110,359 funding goal, which was 100% funded in the first few hours of the campaign. Pledges start at $972 for the “super early bird” version of the N40 Standard and $1,782 for the “super early bird” version of the N40 Sublime. For more information check out the official Kickstarter page or visit the Muro Box Global website (

Lofi-12 XT

Kickstarter Page:

After successful Kickstarter projects for the LIVEN 8bit warps in 2020 and SmplTrek in 2022 SONICWARE has returned for their third Kickstarter Project with the Lofi-12 XT. It combines elements of the LIVEN Lofi-12 and SmplTrek to offer what SONICWARE describes as a “next-level music production/performance tool.” 

SONICWARE released the first sampler in the LIVEN series, the Lofi-12, in 2022 and it received a lot of positive feedback. While the Lofi-12 XT inherits the retro sampling engine of the Lofi-12, it is redesigned and redeveloped as a Lo-fi Groovebox Sampler that is even more user-friendly. It offers true 12kHz/24kHz sampling combined with the 12-bit Sampler mode, a powerful 8-track sequencer that supports un-quantized and step recording as well as the ability to simultaneously utilize 8 per track effects. 

The Lofi-12 XT Kickstarter launched with a goal of $33,058 and reached 200% of that funding goal in just one night. Pledge options include the Lofi-12 XT in standard black color and limited retro color. Visit the official Kickstarter page for more information including a comparison of the Lofi-12 XT with the Liven Lofi-12 and SmplTrek.

By Lambda Synthetics

Kickstarter Page:

Lambda Synthetics launched the Kickstarter for their algorithmic performance workstation, the PolyPulse. It combines the playfulness and performability of physical instruments with the precision and sonic detail of digital production techniques. 

In addition to an algorithmic sequencer for creating rhythms, the PolyPulse features touchpads for expressive control over all sound engine and audio effects parameters. Users can select a sound engine with up to eight voices of polyphony on each track along with up to four audio effects. 

The Kickstarter for the PolyPulse launched with a goal of $21,141, which it very quickly reached. Pledges start at about $2,114 for a PolyPulse and have an estimated delivery time of September 2024. Check out the official Kickstarter page for more information.