Arturia has recently released the third incarnation of its polychrome software synthesizer, Pigments. It has always been a flagship product for the French brand and according to Arturia Pigments has evolved to be bigger, bolder, and more versatile than ever before.
For their latest software emulation of a classic synthesizer, Softube has turned their attention to 1984. The Swedish software developer describes it as an era when a majorly righteous polyphonic synthesizer was released.
The internet has been a boon to collectors in search of rare or unique vintage synthesizers and there are many stories of people discovering incredible bargains online. However, buying used gear online can be risky unless proper caution is exercised.
Moog recently revealed their Moog Sound Studio, which includes all of the equipment, cables, accessories, and education tools required for anyone new to the world of analog synthesis.
We have no doubt that a lot of classic synth tracks were "influenced" by mushrooms it's not every day that you get to hear mushrooms making the actual music. However, a YouTube channel called MycoLyco has sprung up (pun intended) featuring videos of just that.
Google has launched a new online project called Music, Makers and Machines: A Brief History of Electronic Music that should be of special interest to all synth fans. The purpose of the project is to enlighten more people about electronic music and Google didn't tackle this ambitious goal alone.
Cherry Audio recently announced the release of their most ambitious instrument to date, the Eight Voice. This new software synthesizer was carefully crafted to provide users with an accurate emulation of the 1977 Oberheim Eight Voice synthesizer.
According to the About section of his YouTube channel, Edward Black Rose is interested in painting, homemade things, mosaics, visual arts, sound experiments, making musical instruments, strange inventions, and much more.
Inphonik has recently announced the free release of their PCM2612 Retro Decimator Unit, which is a bitcrusher effect plug-in with a very distinctive legacy.
Steinberg has recently released a brand new expansion pack, called Fractals, for their Padshop 2 granular and spectral synthesizer. It is a tape loop set that was created using modified tapes and complemented by percussive as well as analog synthesizer sounds.
A lot of businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the Moogseum which was closed for five months. The Moogseum, located in Asheville, NC, is not just a celebration of Bob Moog's historical legacy, but also a place that explores the art and science of sound synthesis.
Chances are that if you are a huge synth fan then you will already be familiar with the 2015 documentary, Bright Sparks. It was an ambitious project that focused on the work of Bob Moog, Don Buchla, and six other pioneers in the synth industry.
If you are a fan of the classic Memorymoog, then IK Multimedia has an offer that you might not want to refuse. They are giving away their Memory-V instrument, based on the classic 18-oscillator monster analog polysynth, free to their newsletter subscribers.
Although synthesizers do not need compression to sound great as is the case with vocals and acoustic instruments, this doesn't mean you shouldn't add some to your tracks.
For most synthesizer enthusiasts creating music is purely a hobby and a creative outlet. There are, of course, plenty of ways to share your music online for free, but earning income through music is typically thought of as something that is reserved for professionals.