Moog Celebrates 70th Anniversary With New Web Experience

Moog Celebrates 70th Anniversary With New Web Experience

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Fri, 05/26/2023 - 12:02


Naomi Bolton

Moog is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and is doing so in style with a brand-new web experience. The popular synth brand teamed up with the design studio Pentagram to offer visitors a truly unique way to learn more about Moog in a fun and interactive way. The collaboration was led by Yuri Suzuki, who also worked with Moog on the Global Synthesizer Project for Moogfest in 2016. Yuri and his team enlisted the aid of illustrator Rob Pybus to create the eye-catching web project. 

According to Yuri, he has always been fascinated with Moog, which made the past two years of working on the web project an incredible experience. Yuri stated that their goal was to craft a tightly integrated and fun experience. It was important for them that the web project would capture the essence of Dr. Bob Moog and his team’s groundbreaking innovation. 

Visitors to the website will find a virtual recreation of the Minimoog Model D along with an online jukebox and other fun elements. The site enables visitors to learn more about the musicians, songs and sounds that Moog has shaped over the years. The Minimoog Model D has been a favorite with many musicians and can be heard on classic songs from the likes of Kraftwerk and Gary Numan as well as David Bowie, Bob Marley, and many others.

Opening the website ( will present visitors with a “Mini Moog Factory” where they can visit “rooms” themed around the archives, gift shop, jukebox, Moog practice room, face synth, build-a-synth, theatre, and the Model D app. The archives are themed around exploring the rich history of the Minimoog Model D as well as the people who designed it and the impact it’s had on the world. The jukebox allows users to log in with Spotify to explore a collection of some of the most influential songs that feature the Minimoog Model D while the Moog practice room enables visitors to play their favorite Minimoog sounds, record, a song, and share it. The face synth only works on mobile and is used in conjunction with Instagram for triggering the Minimoog’s controls using your facial features. The build-your-own synth section features a downloadable PDF with a cardboard cut-out Minimoog Model D to print. The theater features a selection of videos to watch, including a brief history of the Minimoog, Dr. Bob Moog demonstrating the Minimoog, as well as some music videos featuring the synth. Finally, entering the Model D app section allows visitors to get the official Minimoog Model D app for their iOS or macOS devices. 

Overall, the web project is definitely worth a visit and Minimoog fans might end up staying a lot longer than they think after delving through all the content.