Music Making Bundles By Fanatical and Humble

Music Making Bundles By Fanatical and Humble

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 Online retailer Fanatical, known for selling games, books, and software in heavily discounted bundles, has announced its Plugins & Sounds: Music Making Easy Bundle. The bundle is available with three different price tiers featuring more than $300 worth of content.

 The first tier is available for $6.99 and features the Vocal Limiter plugin as well as the LoFi Illusion audio sample pack. Vocal Limiter - Lift Your Voice is aimed at musicians who want to ensure that the vocals in their tracks can be heard loud and clear. The LoFi Illusion sample pack contains 50 Serum Presets, 180 samples, and loops, as well as 35 MIDI loops for a mixture of dream chimes, jazzy pianos, and more. 

Tier 2 is $12.99 and adds the Screamo - Loud and Proud plugin, Vocal Cleaner, EDM Vishnu, and Electro Stampede. Screamo claims to take distortion to the next level by wrapping up several familiar ideas into a single plugin. Vocal Cleaner offers easy-to-use clean-up for all sorts of vocals by taming harsh sibilance and removing intermittent noises. EDM Vishnu contains over 3GB of EDM sounds, while Electro Stampede has five construction kits, 25 presets for Serum, 25 presets for Sylenth1, 45 melody loops, 50 synth shots, 30 percussion loops, 15 kicks, ten claps, nine percussion, 15 cymbals and 23 fx.

Tier 3 is $19.99 and adds two more plugins along with six full music packs. These are Pumper 3, Vocal Compressor, EDM Synthwave Vocals, EDM & Dance Lollipop, Future Pop Ghost, FX Essentials 3, Future Bass Shadow, and Loud Vocals. Pumper 3 - Harder. Better. Stronger. is the bestselling upgrade to the popular series, adding more Compressor, Saturator, and Stereo Imager modules and more fine-tuning controls. Vocal Compressor offers easy-to-use compression designed primarily for vocals with a compression chain that’s transparent and balanced. Synthwave Vocals features the perfect vocals for Synthwave tracks, while EDM & Dance Lollipop is packed with light-hearted, feel-good dance sounds. Future Pop Ghost has three construction kits, 60 melody loops, 50 synth shots, 40 drum loops, 50 kicks, 50 snares, 50 percussive sounds, ten fx, and 20 hihats. Last up is FX Essentials 3, with more than 300 sounds, and Future Bass Shadow offers beautiful chord progressions, warm pads, bright leads, deep drums, and presets for both Serum and Sylenth 1.

Each tier includes everything found in the previous tier, so those who purchase the $19.99 tier will receive all fourteen products. This is a saving of 82% compared to the full price of the included sounds. All of the packs and plugins included in this bundle are 100% royalty-free and can be used in commercial products. For more information or to grab a copy of the bundle, visit the official Fanatical website ( The site also features audio samples of all the products for those who want to hear what they sound like before purchasing. 

Humble Bundle

There is still time to pick up the Beat Builders Bundle by Humble for more material to craft captivating tunes. It features royalty-free audio goods from Function Loops worth over $1,200. The bundle includes twenty soundtrack packs from various genres, sound collections with Fx, multi-genre music packs, a Drum VST plugin, and even a Vocal Music Production Course, which consists of five tutorial videos. Some of the highlights include future pop vocals, 80s neon waves, prime piano loops, and retro rides. 

The bundle is split into three tiers, with the $1 tier offering three items, the $15 tier including 26 items, and the $25 tier featuring all 62 items. As with all Humble bundles, this one also supports charity. The charity supported by the Beat Builders Bundle is Music Will, the largest nonprofit music program in the US public school system. For more information or to purchase the Beat Builders Bundle, check out the official Humble website (