New Releases by Future Retro, Sample Science, Cherry Audio, and More

New Releases by Future Retro, Sample Science, Cherry Audio, and More

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There have been a couple of exciting announcements for upcoming hardware and software synths, but for those who don't want to wait, plenty of options are available right now. Here's a quick round-up of the latest hardware and software synths on the market and notable updates to existing products. 


New Hardware



By Future Retro


Vectra by Future Retro




Price: $ 1,599.95



Retro Future has announced that the new and improved Vectra has arrived, featuring improvements, bug fixes, and a sound set expansion. Among the upgrades are randomization over sequencer parameters, Midi cc control over sequencer parameters, and sequencer parameter improvement for more convenient usage of features during live performance, including keyboard enhancements. In addition, the soundset expansion includes contributions by Matia Simovich, Jon Sonnenberg, and Drew Schlesinger. The new version of this unique digital-analog hybrid synth is available from the Future Retro store as well as dealers like Perfect Circuit and House of Sound. 



New Software


Mellow Harmonics 

By Sample Science


Mellow Harmonics by Sample Science




Price: $30



Sample Science has people who want to be transported back to the golden era of music covered with the release of Mellow Harmonics. This virtual instrument is inspired by the legendary Mellotron, and the iconic string synthesizes of the 1970s. It is crafted with a unique blend of FM synthesis and tape processing, which provides users access to everything from flute and horns to vocals, strings, and more. The distinctive Lofi character in each sound makes them great for any genre featuring smooth, vintage sounds. Mellow Harmonics has 40 Mellotron style sounds, distortion, delay, chorus, reverb effects, Multi-LFO, amplitude range controls, highpass/lowpass filter, and polyphonic, monophonic, and legato voice modes. 



By Cherry Audio


CR-78 by Cherry Audio




Price: $49 (Regular Price - $69)



Cherry Audio offers users an "outside of the box experience" with their new CR-78 virtual drum machine. It accurately recreates the punchy analog sounds of the original Roland CompuRhythm CR-78, which many consider the first true classic drum machine. However, Cherry Audio has done away with the complex beat programming in favor of an XOX-style button-per-step interface. The virtual drum machine also includes an easy-to-use song mode for pattern chaining and features over 250 additional presets. CR-78 is not a sample-based emulation and instead uses modeled synthesis to recreate the original's classic tones and go a step beyond by making them fully editable. 



By TAL Software


TAL-Pha by TAL Software




Price: $64 (Regular Price - $80)



Tal Software has released TAL-PHA for everyone craving the classic analog sound of the 80's Alpha Juno II synthesizer. In addition to being able to read and convert sysex information from the hardware, TAL-PHA can also be used as a controller. Apart from being an authentic emulation of the Alpha Juno II, TAL-PHA offers a resonance boost for filter self-oscillation, the possibility to detune, modulate, and sync the pulse part of the DCO, and an arpeggiator with different modes. It also has a stereo UNISON mode with up to seven voices, aftertouch, MPE support, and microtuning support. The original factory banks are included with TAL-PHA, as well as more than 380 new presets from the likes of Electric Himalaya, The Unfished, and TAL. 


New Updates


Palindrome 2.0

By Glitchmachines


Palindrome 2.0 by Glitchmachines




Price: $79 ($25 for existing owners)



The version 2.0 update for Palindrome, the granular sampler by Glitchmachines, is now available. The update adds many new features, including a new granular engine, a new bitcrusher and vowel filter, new random mod sources, and new solo modes. Also added are envelope curves, envelope shape presets, a revised user interface, an improved audio engine, and performance optimization. Finally, Palindrome 2.0 has a new factory sample library, a new preset bank system, and more than eighty new factory presets.