New releases and updates by Izotope, SampleScience, Oblivion Sound Lab & More

New releases and updates by Izotope, SampleScience, Oblivion Sound Lab & More

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From new and upcoming releases to updates, there are plenty of things happening in the world of software synths and plugins. Here’s a quick roundup of what is new and interesting for people who prefer their synthesizers virtual. 

Super Lynn Drums
By SampleScience

Price: $20

Super Lynn Drums By SampleScience

SampleScience has announced the availability of Super Lynn Drums, a meticulously crafted virtual instrument based on iconic 1980s drum machines. It uses FM synthesis, physical modeling, and cutting-edge production techniques to recreate and enhance the LM1, LM2, Linndrum, and Lin 9000. 

According to SampleScience, Super Lynn Drums was designed for everyone from professional musicians to bedroom producers. While the goal is authenticity, the modern enhancements mean that the sounds could also stand up to today’s production standards. 

Super Lynn Drums offers a classic 80s drum machine sound recreated with modern tools, four new 80-style drum kits, five variations for a total of 20 drum kits, and a sub-oscillator for thick drums. It also offers distortion, delay, and reverb effects, vinyl and tape layer effects for an organic sound, and each drum can be tuned and sent to its own output. For more information, check out the video below or visit the official website, where Super Lynn Drums is available for purchase at $20. 


Mela 5
By Nikolozi Meladze

Price: Free (With In-App Purchases)

 Mela 5 By Nikolozi Meladze

Version five of Mela, Nikolozi Meladze's modular music-making tool for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, has been released, and with it comes a new business model. Instead of separate apps, major versions of Mela will simply replace the previous version. According to Nikolozi, this is done so that Mela can retain its App Store rankings and user reviews. As part of the new business model, Mela is now also a free downloadable app, while modules are now organized into collections. Only Collection 0 is to provide new users with a chance to try out Mela’s features. Collections 1 to 3 are available as in-app purchases, with the first two modules containing everything that shipped with Mela 4.x updates. These will be unlocked for free to Mela 4 users, while Collection 3 contains all the new modules and more that will be added as part of Mela 5.x updates. Some of the new modules in Mela 5 include a digital delay module, simple LFO module, dual pan module, mid-side module, stereo pan module, phase inverter module, and balance module. 

By iZotope

Price: $79.99 (Regular Price $99.99) / Free Lite Version Also Available 
 Trash By iZotope

iZotope discontinued its distortion engine, Trash, in 2022 but recently announced that it is back by popular demand. The reimagined plugin now features over 60 distortion types and 600 impulse responses that can transform your sound. Distortion types include Rusty Bits, Cactus, Noise Art, Dystopia, and more, and up to four different distortion settings can be blended together. In addition, Trash features a Drive control for controlling the intensity of the distortion and a Tilt control to carve out frequencies for a dramatic effect. Impulse responses include reverbs, piano cabinets, plexiglass tubes, and more. Trash has a free “Lite” mode to get a taste of the chaos, while the full version sells for $99. Check out the video below for more information, or visit the official website. 


OSL Multi Chorus
By Oblivion Sound Lab

Price: $35 (Regular Price $49)

 OSL Multi Chorus By Oblivion Sound Lab

Oblivion Sound lab has released OSL Multi Chorus, describing it as a digital effect inspired by the topology of four iconic modulation units. The first, Sixty, is the original OSL chorus effect that is modeled after the onboard chorus of the Juno-60. It is joined by three new units, which include the Studio, inspired by the Dimension D, Ensemble, and Quad, inspired by the VP-330. OSL Multi Chorus also has mid/side stereo widening, left/right output meters, a phase meter, the ability to save and load presets, independent parameters per chorus mode, and the ability to copy and paste chorus parameters. In addition, it ships with 77 factory presets, and all parameters can be automated from the host DAW. Check out the video of OSL Multi Chorus in action below and head to the official website for more information.