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PRO-DCB is a Bi-directional MIDI-DCB Interface for Juno 60s and some Jupiter 8s. The Kenton Pro-DCB brings instant MIDI to those much-loved instruments. Just plug in and go.

As well as offering control of notes and program change (Jupiter-8 only), the interface also has output sockets for filter control and arpeggio clocking. In addition, it boasts a built-in programmable LFO and works both ways (ie. it's bi-directional), so your Juno can be used as a master keyboard if required. We think that you'll find this the most comprehensive MIDI-DCB converter available today.

*JP-8 must have an existing DCB or OP-8 socket.


  • MIDI In/Out and Thru Sockets
  • Aux output (for VCF or VCA control)
  • ARP Clock Output (for syncing the arpeggiator)
  • Fully programmable built-in LFO with 9 waveshapes, including S&H.
  • DCB output (to keyboard)
  • Power Supply 9v-15v
  • A DCB lead is included in this price, to connect to your Juno/Jupiter.
  • However, please state the type of connector required if you have a Jupiter-8 (either 15 or 20 pin) as Roland used two types.
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