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The Oberheim OB-Xk is a MIDI keyboard controller from the mid-eighties. Originally designed to control the Matrix and Xpander modules, it uses MIDI and works fine as a controller for any MIDI gear. It's got 61 keys that respond to velocity and aftertouch, two OB-style Pitch/Mod controllers, and one assignable continuous control slider. From the front panel you can directly access the first 100 single patches and/or 100 multi patches of your MIDI module. Any additional patches must be selected by another MIDI controller.

Other features include the ability to transpose up or down by up to 2 octaves or by half steps. The keyboard can be split into 3 zones. There are basic Hold and Chord memory functions and an Arpeggiator section with pretty decent features (it can use internal or external clock). The OB-Xk can also send a sequencer Song Select, Start and Stop commands. It's built with Oberheim's classic & vintage look: solid black metal case with wood end-cheeks. Definitely a unique controller to have around, although severely limited by today's standards.

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Polyphony - n/a
Oscillators - n/a
Effects - n/a
Filter - n/a
Arpeg/Seq - Arpeggiator with internal/external clock sources
Keyboard - 61 keys (velocity, after-touch)
Memory - 100 single patches, 100 multi patches, 3 zones
Control - MIDI Out (1 channel at a time)
Date Produced - 1986


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Thanks to Scott Marcotte for providing information.