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The JX-305 is an awesome synth for electronic & techno musicians! It's like an MC-505 groovebox in a keyboard. All of the MC-505's excellent dance-oriented sounds are included, as well as 4MB more! Combining keyboard style patch synthesis & performance with Groove Approved dance patterns, sequences and phrases the JX-305 is a real dance production studio with 768 dance patterns, 256 User, 640 patches and 28 drum kits.

Perfect for live use with its massive 64 voices of polyphony, you can jam along with it while it's instantly playing a great techno/dance groove! Then grab anyone of the 9 real-time control knobs to start tweaking the filter, envelope, tempo, arpeggiator or LFO. All real-time edits, pattern changes, tweaks and keyboard playing can be recorded into its 8-track sequencer - a robust sequencer with quantizing and edit capabilities! If your bag is dance, trance and rave then this Groovesynth may be all you need! It has been used by Astral.

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Demos & Media

JX-305 Walkthrough, part 1
JX-305 Walkthrough, part 2
Loomeer - Arp-Ego 1 - Arpeggiator and One Pattern
Audio Clip 1 This onboard demo shows how good the JX-305 can sound for dance and groove based music!
ManualRoland has made manuals for most of their products available as free PDF downloads.


Polyphony - 64 Voices
Effects - 24 effects including reverb, delay, chorus, etc...
Memory - 640 patches, 28 rhythm kits
Patterns - 768 Dance patterns, 256 User
Filter - Digital real-time & midi controllable resonant low/band pass filter
Arpeg/Seq - 8-Track sequencer, Arpeggiator and real-time Phrase Sequencer
Keyboard - 61 notes (w/ velocity)
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1998


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