Waldorf KB37

Waldorf KB37
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Eurorack modules continue to remain popular with collectors and synth enthusiasts, so it was no surprise seeing Waldorf get involved with the KB37. In 2016 they came up with the unique idea of creating a keyboard controller with space for users to install up to 107HP of Eurorack modules. The KB37 is large enough to accommodate most modules, but considering the price tag, it's worth making sure that it will work with whatever modules in your collection you plan on installing.

The design of the KB37 is fairly simple and it has space for modules with a depth of up to 65mm. Below the cavity for the Eurorack modules is the keyboard, which features 37 full-size keys. The inclusion of full-size keys is really something that musicians will appreciate and the keyboard also generates velocity as well as aftertouch information. Installing modules is also a very straightforward process and in many cases, you just need to connect the audio to get going. Even without adding any modules, the KB37 is not light, which is worth keeping in mind for anyone planning on using it for live performances. Part of this weight comes from the built-in power supply, so it is understandable. Waldorf has a reputation for building solid and well-crafted instruments and the KB37 is no exception. An octave transposition switch can increase the range of the KB37 to seven octaves as well as a glide knob for introducing glide to the pitch CV source. Finally, the KB37 even includes a handy arpeggiator.

Thanks to its high-resolution and temperature stable 16-bit CV interface the KB37 offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to controlling modules. Waldorf has ensured that it is great for use in the studio or on stage. In addition to the fully-sized keybed that can handle three octaves the KB37 also has several real-time control elements such as pitch and mod wheels.

The KB37 is a neat idea, but many people turned to modular to get away from conventional keyboard synth setups, so it might not be for everyone. However, if you already have plenty of modules and want to use them to play live then the KB37 will definitely come in handy. The price tag is not cheap considering you still need to add your own modules before it does anything, but Waldorf has definitely seen a clever gap in the market with this product. Provided you have a large enough modular collection the KB37 has the potential to be one of the most versatile and flexible bits of gear you own.

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Polyphony - 1 Voice
Controls - MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB
Arpeggiator - Yes
Keyboard - 37 Keys