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The Doepfer Drehbank is a programmable universal MIDI controller with 64 knobs. Each of its knobs can send any MIDI message, including Control Change, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, Note On, and SysEx messages. You can use the Drehbank to get instant hands-on access to any MIDI parameter in almost any piece of MIDI gear, including new and old synthesizers, software and VST synths, rack effects, sound modules, DAWs, and more!

The Drehbank comes with presets for ReBirth, General MIDI mixing, and Yamaha groove boxes. The bundled Emagic SoundDiver (Mac/Win) lets you create and save your own setups for the Drehbank! The Drehbank also has a snapshot feature and two user defined banks for 128 total controls per setup. It ships with 8 factory setups: 2 Rebirth, 2 Rmx1, controllers 1-64 (MIDI channel 1), controllers 65-128 (MIDI channel 1), selected Controllers (MIDI channel 1), and a GM mixer (MIDI channel 1-16). In addition to MIDI IN/OUT, there are 8 CV inputs for external control voltages (0...+5V) and/or foot controllers. This allows you to control MIDI parameters FROM your older vintage CV gea,r or as Doepfer would prefer, from their analog A-100 synth modules. But you cannot control CV from MIDI using the Drehbank, it's not a MIDI to CV converter!! It is, however, a very easy to use and knobby way to get real hands-on with your MIDI gear or programs! It is used by Squarepusher.

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Knobs - 64 Rotary Knobs transmit MIDI Control Change, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, Note On, and SysEx messages
Windows/PC - PC with Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, NT and MIDI interface (or sound card with integrated MIDI interface)
Macintosh - Most Macs also supported
Keyboard - None
Memory - 2 user banks of 64 knobs
Control - MIDI OUT, MIDI IN with merging feature; 8 CV inputs (inputs 1-4 for ext. CV 0-5V, inputs 5-8 for foot controllers)
Date Produced - 1998


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