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The Encore SlideMate is a fully programmable real-time MIDI controller. It has 8 faders and 15 Banks for a total of 120 programmable controllers! Each fader can be assigned its own MIDI channel, MIDI continuous controller, MIDI SysEx message, NRPN, or RPN message. This means you can program it to control almost every MIDI parameter on any MIDI synthesizer! It's perfect for those of you with classic MIDI Roland gear like a Juno-106, Alpha Juno, JX-8p, etc. You can stop searching for lost Roland PG-series programmers to get easy, hands-on control of these synths and more! It can also be used to control rack effect units, software synths, sound modules, DAWs, and other MIDI gear! Tired of using a mouse to tweak your ReBirth, Reason, or Retro AS-1 parameters? Need a MIDI mixer? The SlideMate is the answer!

The SlideMate's faders are assigned their MIDI functions and channels using the included computer software for Mac and PC only. You can create custom definitions or use pre-made definitions for tons of popular synths, and more are downloadable from Encore. Drag and drop the preset definitions or your own custom ones onto an image of the SlideMate to automatically program all its faders! Once you've loaded definitions into the SlideMate, it can be used independent of the computer/software and will retain its settings in memory, even when turned off.

The SlideMate is a tough, robust and well built little machine with all the programmability you'd ever want for a UNIVERSAL MIDI controller. The support for SysEx makes this a must have for owners of old MIDI gear. Your Fader moves can be recorded into sequences to enable true hands-on MIDI automation of all your MIDI gear! And unlike other MIDI controllers, the SlideMate has twice the resolution for smoother tweaking as well as a MIDI merger built in, scene/panic button, programmable MIDI delay, non-volatile memory, and rugged steel 60mm faders. If you prefer rotary knobs to 60mm faders, you can check out the Encore Knobby...equally as programmable and well built, but with knobs. (The knobby is a bit cheaper because faders are more expensive.)

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Faders - 8 with a scribble strip below.
Buttons - Four group buttons. Allow selection of 15 groups of 8 knobs (120 programmable controls).
Keyboard - None
Software - Windows 95, 98, NT, Mac alpha available
Supports - Access Bitzheadz Creative Digitech Dream Station dsTec Elecktron Electrix Emu Encore Ensoniq EWS Generic Midi GranuLab JoMox Kawai Koblo Korg Line 6 Mackie MAM MOTU Native Instruments Novation Oberheim Peavey PPG Quasimidi Rebirth Roland Sequential Session8 Steinberg Syntecno Terratec Waldorf Yamaha Zoom
Control - MIDI Controllers, MIDI SysEx (up to 55 byte size), NRPN (non registered parameter numbers), RPN (registered parameter numbers), 16 MIDI Channels
Date Produced - 2001


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