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The DX was a lighter version of the classic DMX drum machine. In fact its look, features and programming method are basically the same as the DMX. The DX has individual tuning knobs for the drum tones and an external trigger input. Its sounds are sampled recordings of actual instruments. The DX only has 18 drum sounds and the DMX has 24. Both drum machines have a number of human like feel effects such as a great swing function, rolls, flams and other weird time signatures and grooves. Best of all it's easy to operate. There are also 6 individual outputs like the DMX for easing studio use. It has been used by Hip Hop artists since the very beginning of Hip Hop! It has been used by Apollo 440, Daft Punk, and Jimi Tenor.

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Oberheim DX drum computer at work
ManualThis page has a link to a free copy of the original DX owner's manual!


Polyphony - 6 voices
Drum Sounds - 18 sounds
Sequencer - 100 sequences
Songs - 50
VCA - 6 level sliders
Keyboard - 18 keys
Effects - Individual tuning control, swing function
Control - Trigger In/Out (MIDI by modification)
Date Produced - 1982