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An old, sophisticated, classic drum machine. Its sounds are sampled recordings of actual instruments. The machine has a number of human like feels to it such as a great swing function, rolls, flams and other weird time signatures and grooves. Best of all it's easy to operate. 8 separate outputs for individual processing, 100 sequences and 50 songs.

The DMX was the original drum machine of Hip Hop and Rap, and was used by artists such as Run DMC, Prince, Roni Size, Stevie Nicks, Mike Oldfield, David "Hawk" Wollinski, Phillipe Saisse, David Frank of The System, the Thompson Twins and New Order on tracks like "Blue Monday".

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Demos & Media

Audio Clip 1 Here's a simple drum beat featuring all those classic DMX sounds, submitted by Matthew Simonton.


Polyphony - 8 drums
Sounds - 24 drums
Effects - Individual tuning control and Swing Function
Sequencer - 100 sequences
Songs - 50
VCA - 8 level sliders
Keyboard - 24 pads
Control - Audio trigger or tape sync
Date Produced - 1980


Original image from Ethan Callender and Perfect Circuit Audio.