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The Prommer is a device that burns EPROM chips for use in the Oberheim DMX Drum Machines. In effect the Prommer allows you to create or sample some sounds of your own for use with the DMX or other similar vintage drum machine like Sequential's Drumtraks. The Prommer is monophonic, 8-bit and with limited edit-ability and sampling.

Editing of samples include simple attack, decay, reverse, ring-mod, stretch/squash and other digital bit manipulation. It can send all samples as a MIDI dump to software editors such as WaveLab, so it is possible to edit and then send the samples back to the prommer to burn your custom EPROMs. Of course any modern-day sampler will blow this classic away. But the Prommer was a novel add-on to further enhance the creative use of HipHop's original beat machine, the DMX.

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Polyphony - Monophonic
Sampler - 8-bit, Variable sample rates
Memory - EPROM Chips, MIDI SysEx dump
Filter - None
Envelopes - Start Point, Decay Time
Keyboard - None
Effects - Reverse, ring-mod, digital bit manipulation
Control - MIDI, Trigger
Date Produced - 1984