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The Saturn 09 is an analog organ synthesizer (similar to the RS-09 which added a string sound). Probably not the best Organ synth, but with imagination, the Saturn is capable of creating some cool sounds for techno/ambient music, ie: low drone organ bass tones or blips. There is very little demand for this instrument so they can be found for under $100, and they will add a nice flavor to any modern analog-electronic keyboard studio. It has been used by Newcleus and is probably hidden among the rigs of a few other electro-artists!

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Saturn 09


Polyphony - Polyphonic
Oscillators - 1 VCO
Effects - Ensemble (chorus), Vibrato
Keyboard - 44 Keys
Memory - None
Control - CV/Gate
Date Produced - 1980


Images from Perfect Circuit Audio.

Thanks to Theo Bettein for providing some information.