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A very interesting piece of equipment. The Prophet 3000 is a rackmount sampler with sophisticated technologies for its time. Unfortunately just as it was produced Sequential went under so there are not too many of these things floating around. Its sampler specs are 16 Bit with variable sample rates up to 48 KHz at 21 seconds. 2 MB internal memory expandable to 8, auto editing features for quick sample looping and trimming, and very warm analog filters, SCSI, 8 individual outputs plus a stereo output. It also has a detachable face-plate with a great LCD display for more comfortable access and editing. If you gotta have a classic vintage sampler that's fast and easy to use then the Prophet 3000 is a tempting offer, if you can find one. The last OS version of the p3000 was 3.0B.

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Polyphony - 8 voices
Sampler - 48 KHz, 16 Bit
Filter - Resonant low pass analog filter
Keyboard - None
Memory - 2MB internal
Control - MIDI / SCSI
Date Produced - 1987