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An early and affordable sampler synth. It's similar to the Emulators and old Ensoniqs. It is a low quality sampler with a tiny 256k (or 512k) memory and 12 bit sampling. However it has analog VCF's and VCA's which give you analog tweak-control over the sounds you sample. Though it does not even come close to modern day synth samplers like the Kurzweil K2000, it is an affordable classic that, with a little creativity is capable of some great and unusual lo-fi sounds. It has 8 voices of polyphony, the keyboard can be split into 8 layers, MIDI equipped, and there is an arpeggiator.

The Prophet 2000 was also released in a rackmount version called the Prophet 2002. These have been used by: Hardfloor, Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Information Society, Mark Isham, filmmaker/composer John Carpenter, and D:ream.

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000
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Polyphony - 8 voices
Sampler - 12-bit at 16khz, 32khz or 42khz
Effects - Arpeggiator
Filter - 8 analog VCF's: 1 per voice
VCA - 8 analog ADSR's: 1 per voice
Keyboard - 61 keys with Velocity
Memory - 256 to 512K (up to 30 seconds) + 3.5" disk storage
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1985