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The SynthaSystem was produced by Steiner-Parker in the 1970's. It is a compact, expandable modular analog synthesizer system that didn't quite compete on the same level as the EML, Moog, ARP and EMS systems of the same time. But it deserves some attention. It's great for creating sound effects including thunder, wind, surf, race cars, sirens, horns, explosions, jet airplanes, "tunnel" sound processing, and many, many more. But when it comes to reproducing natural acoustic sounds...well, good luck. It claims to simulate piano, organ, trumpet, accordion, violin, oboe, drums, guitar and many more but most are pretty questionable.

Steiner-Parker SynthaSystem Image

But as an analog processor and sound design machine, the SynthaSystem shines. With up to 74 knobs and switches (or more) and its expandable modular design you can create some wacky noises! It can also be used to process existing sounds via an external audio input! Very cool for filtering stuff! The SynthaSystem may be uncommon but it can be an affordable alternative to similar synths.

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Polyphony - Monophonic/Duophonic (the keyboard is capable of outputting two control voltages at a time out two seperate outs)
Oscillators - 3 VCOS plus a White and Pink Noise generator
Effects - LFO, Dual Sample and Hold, Portemento, VC Phasor, Ring Modulator, Frequency Divider
Filter - One 2-pole resonant low/band/highpass VCF
VCA - One VCA with Two envelope generators with attack, sustain, decay plus a third one with Attack, on-time and decay.
Keyboard - 48 keys (on optional keyboard controller) plus a 3 bank, 8-step sequencer.
Memory - None
Control - CV / Gate / VC Filter-In; 6 pin plug on back panel ( 6=unused, 5=trigger from key, 4=keyboard control voltage, 3=10-volt-dc, 2=ground, 1=+12voltdc)
Date Produced - 1975-79


Thanks to Peter Grenader of Buzzclick and Arlo West for providing information.