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The Action Filter from Vermona is a Dual Analog Filter designed for live use by DJs and musicians. It is based on the DAF-1 filter but slimmed down. It is stereo and has two 24dB/oct high/lowpass filters on each channel. There are knobs for controlling the filter frequencies and resonance amounts.

It is less flexible than the DAF-1, operating in only two modes: BAND and NOTCH mode (the DAF-1 also functions in SERIAL and PARALLEL modes). In BAND mode, filter 1 is a highpass and filter 2 is a lowpass. In NOTCH mode, filter 1 is a lowpass and filter 2 is a highpass. NOTCH mode is the exact opposite of BAND mode. You can adjust the width of the bandpass, the band-stop range, and resonance for each filter. There's also a bypass button.

Overall, the interface is very simple and streamlined. Built-in Phono RCA and Ground jacks make this a great effect for any DJ to have alongside their mixer and turntables! Additional Line level inputs for other HiFi equipment (CD, cassette, DAT) are there too. Priced almost the same as the DAF-1 but without the series or parallel modes, the Action Filter seems a bit pricey for what it does. But it's seamless plug-n-play integration with DJ equipment make it a tasty effect to have in your rack for hi, band, or low pass filtering your house party mixes!

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Polyphony - 4 filters: Stereo with 2 filters per channel
Oscillators - n/a
LFO - None
Filter - 2 highpass/lowpass filters per channel with 24dB/oct slope each.
VCA - n/a
Keyboard - n/a
Memory - None
Date Produced - 2002


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