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The Filter Factory is a stand-alone 2-unit rack module stereo/mono analog filter. Use it to filter drum loops, synth arpeggiations, vocal tracks or entire mixes! It features notch, low-, high- and band-pass filtering modes. It functions as a stereo filter with a 2-pole slope, or in mono with a 4-pole slope. Big fat knobs allow hands on real-time tweaking of the Frequency Cutoff, Resonance, LFO Depth and Speed, Distortion and more. Plus it's totally MIDI equipped for recording, triggering and sequencing tweaks of the various parameters.

The Filter Factory is great for DJ's and for Musicians. It sounds great and IS analog with digital control, stability and features. 'Momentary' buttons allow you to drop in or tap in an effect, either the filter or the distortion which is great for live situations! The LFO section allows you to generate nice sweeping filter effects or other weird modulations. There's a Tap-Tempo to match the LFO to the stuff your filtering too. Truly worth getting! It has been used by U2, John Digweed, Freddy Fresh, La Peste, Peace Off, Hellfish & DJ Producer, DJ Pure, and the Chemical Brothers.

The FilterQueen is a 2-unit half-rack design with just a few knobs and buttons and is most likely suited for DJs and easy-access live use. It's still a stereo analog filter with switchable notch, band, low and highpass filtering, envelope follower, LFO and the Momentary button. There's also a large bypass ("Engage") switch. The knobs control the filter cutoff, resonance, LFO speed, depth and more. There is no MIDI, no patch storage, no external audio input or gain controls. The EQ Killer is another 2-unit half-rack design for DJs and performers. It's basically three independent bandpass filters which can be used to filter out or isolate certain frequency ranges of music. These sold for about $300 each.

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Audio Clip 1 Hear a mix being tweaked through the Filter Factory for yourself!


Polyphony - Stereo or Mono
Filter - High-, Low-, band-pass; notch
Slope - Two-pole stereo; four-pole mono
LFO - Sawtooth, Reverse sawtooth, triangle, square; depth, speed adjust
Effects - Distortion
Keyboard - None
Memory - None (you can save your settings to MIDI)
Control - MIDI, CV input
Date Produced - 1999 - 2001