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Waldorf's unique Filters from the Microwave, Pulse, Miniworks, etc. is now available in a VST-Plug-in for Cubase or other VST compatible software. The D-Pole is a digital filter with all the characteristics and features of an analog filter...and more! With the D-Pole you can filter entire mixes or individual instruments with complete automation of all its parameters, all from within your VST-sequencer!

The D-Pole has 5 filter types including lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch and resonator. It is capable of self-oscillation and all types are resonant. There is also an LFO section for adding dynamic motion to the filter effect. The LFO is adjustable via MIDI to match the tempo of your sequences! There is also an Envelope Follower, a Delay Module with up to 2000ms delay time, Ring Modulation, Overdrive, an Oscillator section and Sample Rate Reduction. A great and affordable Filter.

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Polyphony - n/a
Oscillators - 1 osc (sine, triangle, saw)
LFO - LFO rate up to over 7000 Hz, syncable to Tempo and Audio. Sine, Triangle and Saw waveforms. Positive or negative Modulation of Filter Cutoff and Panning
Filter - Frequency 0 Hz up to over 17000 Hz, Resonance w/ self-oscillation, 5 Filter types: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Notch, Resonator, 12 dB / 24 dB Pole select
Amplifier - Overdrive, Volume, Panning, Delay Mix
Memory - Unlimited, saved with your sequences to disk. Settings can be saved as single programs or banks.
Macintosh - Power Macintosh or compatible system, 132 MHz or better, at least 24 MB RAM, Mac OS 7.5 or later, Cubase VST or other VST compatible host software
Windows/PC - Pentium, 133 MHz or better, at least 32 MB RAM, Windows 95/98/2000, Cubase VST, WaveLab (2.0 or higher), Nuendo or other VST compatible host software
Date Produced - 1999


Images from Steinberg.