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The TG33 sound module is a slightly enhanced key-less version of the SY22. It is a digital synthesizer that employs frequency modulation (FM) synthesis combined with low-fi (12-bit) AWM ROM samples. However, this machine is not low quality (especially for the electronica-oriented musician). Its preset sounds are a bit thin, however using the joystick controller you can manipulate and combine the 12-bit samples with the any of the 256 FM vector voices. This gives it a range of tone and sound that is as dynamic and mysterious as other vector synths such as the Korg Wavestation and ProphetVS.


Yamaha TG33 Image


Also available is a drum kit, effects, 16-part multitimbrality for layering sounds and 32 note polyphony! Definitely a powerful little beast that can create pretty nice sounds with lots of motion and character. With its wide range of sonic possibility, the TG33 has what it takes to create unique sounds that will keep you and you're music sounding a little different from the rest!


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Demos & Media

Yamaha TG33 demo 1
Ran Kirlian
YAMAHA TG-33 User Presets Demo
Audio Clip 1 A short demo of the TG33 demonstrating its awesome vector synthesis.
ManualDownload the original owner's manual from SoundProgramming.net.


Polyphony - 32 voices
Oscillators - 2 Digital FM operators + 2 AWM (using 12-bit ROM samples)
LFO - AM, PM, Saw Up, Saw Down, Triangle, Square, Sample & Hold
Filter - None
Effects - 16 Digital Reverbs and Delays
Keyboard - None
Memory - 128 preset, 64 user
Control - MIDI (responds to Velocity and Aftertouch)
Date Produced - 1990


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