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The Tassman is a modular sound synthesis studio based on Applied Acoustics Systems' award winning physical modeling technology. The Tassman offers a near infinite range of creative possibilities with a wide collection of synths ranging from highly realistic emulation of acoustic instruments, analog and FM synthesizers, loop processors to entirely unique hybrid creations simply not possible by any other means.

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The Tassman is a tightly integrated environment comprising of three main interfaces: the Player, the Builder and the Browser. With the Tassman Player (pictured above) you are ready to play any of the synths included in the library. The automatically generated Player interface is inspired by classic analog hardware making it easy to tweak any of the existing factory presets to create and save your own custom sounds. And every parameter can be controlled via MIDI!

The Builder (below) allows you to customize the way individual modules are connected within a synth, or even create your own instruments from the ground up, using an intuitive 'building block' approach. The Builder interface presents the patch associated with each synth in a way that is easy to understand and logical. A patch can easily be modified or created by dragging the color-coded building blocks from the bank of modules. You get unlimited modules per patch.

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Finally, the Browser is where you find and organize all the Tassman elements used in the Player and Builder: performances, synths, presets, modules, MIDI Links, imported patches and sub patches. The Browser's Filters and Locate function make navigating and organizing Tassman elements a breeze.

From unrivaled recreations of analog and acoustic instruments, to wildly adventurous cinematic textures, the Tassman puts the shape of sound design in your hands. The Tassman also offers total integration with today's most powerful sequencing and DAW applications via DXi, CoreAudio, VST, AU, RTAS, ASIO and MME.

Version 3 added these new features:

  • Now available for Mac OS (OS9/OSX) and Windows PC (WinXP/2000/ME/98SE)
  • Support for MAS and DirectConnect
  • Core processing engine has been re-written from the ground up for greater performance and sound quality
  • Browser, Builder, and Player now integrated into a single window
  • Resizable window with horizontal and vertical scroll bars for easy navigation
  • Redesigned, color coded Builder interface
  • 50 all new instruments covering the full range of analog, acoustic, and hybrid constructions, with over 1000 presets.
  • Integrated browser for drag and drop access to all necessary tools including instruments, sub-patches, presets, modules, and MIDI maps
  • MIDI Learn / Forget for all on-screen controls
  • Save multiple MIDI maps for each instrument
  • Support for aftertouch from keyboards with this functionality
  • Import and Export Instruments with all associated presets and sub-patches as a single file for easy exchange with other users and archiving
  • Many new modules including new control elements, envelopes with modulation input for each stage, 3 new sequencers, filters, FX, and much more

Tassman 4 adds these new features:

  • Performance Mode provides instant access to your sounds by combining a synth, a preset, effects and MIDI maps. For quick and easy access, you can organize performances by style, by type or even by venues.
  • The new Output Stage includes sync-to-host capability, tempo synced ping-pong delay, reverb and audio recorder. While providing instant control over playback and recording of your performances, the Output Stage also adds depth, warmth and dimension to any synth.
  • New collection of synthesizers and effects created by top sound designers. Their focus has been on the creation of highly usable sounds for musicians and studio professionals.
  • With Audio Input Processing the Tassman can now be used as a real time audio effects processor! For instance, acoustic resonators can be used to add unique textures to your sound. Use it as an effect plugin with your favorite host application.
  • Improved acoustic objects and generators that sound better than ever.
  • Tassman 3 synthesizers and presets can easily be imported in Tassman 4.
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Demos & Media

DemoDownload a free demo version to try and hear Tassman for yourself.


Polyphony - Up to 32 voices
Oscillators - Unlimited; Physically modeled sounds of vintage, electronic and acoustic sounds (Generators and resonators include acoustical objects - flute, mallets, organ, plectrum, beams, marimbas, membranes, plates, strings and tubes). Audio bit-depth and sample rates up to 24bit/192kHz.
Effects - Distortion, Delay, Flanger, Vocoder
Filter - Unlimited; Comb Filter, Lowpass1 (-6dB/oct); Lowpass2 (-12dB/oct); Bandpass2 (-6dB/oct), Highpass1 (-6dB/oct)
VCA - Unlimited; VCA, ADSR, Envelope
Memory - Unlimited; Huge synth and effect library - more than 50 synths and 1000 presets. Modules library for customizing or creating synths - effects, envelopes, filters, generators, inputs, outputs, MIDI, logic, mixers, resonators, selectors and sequencers. User expandable module library - reuse, organize and simplify patch building.
Macintosh - Mac OS 10.2 and higher - G4 733MHz - 128MB RAM - CoreAudio - VST, AU, RTAS
Windows/PC - Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP - Pentium III 1GHz - 64MB RAM - ASIO, MME - VST, DXi
Date Produced - 2004