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The Tassman from Applied Acoustics is a unique new software-based modular synthesizer. Unlike most other modular software synths on the market which attempt to either recreate vintage gear or out-do themselves trying to become the ultimate synth, the new Tassman takes a unique approach using physical modeling to recreate natural acoustic sounds. But these can be manipulated in very flexible synth-like ways thus allowing you to play a piano sound with a violin bow, for example, or strike a flute with a mallet. Sound intriguing?

Not just a modular system, the Tassman is really a sound design system. It is the first modular software to incorporate physical modeling of analog hardware, acoustic objects and instruments with real-time parameter control, designed with both the diversified needs of the studio professional and the desktop musician in mind.

In the Builder mode you create your sound by selecting the modules you want and routing your signal between them. The library of modules contains all of the building blocks found in traditional analog synthesizers including VCOs, filters, envelopes, and effects, as well as the acoustic models of strings, mallets, drum membranes, and more.Then you have to switch to the Player mode to play your sounds polyphonically or for use in sequences. Some features include 44.1kHz audio file output, stereo output, real-time MIDI support, multi-timbral and more.

Some of the Modules include: ADSR, Envelope, Marimba, Beam, Portamento, Bandpass2, Envelope Follower, Membrane, Recorder, Beam, Flanger, Mixer, Reed, Bow, Flute, Modulation, Sample & Hold, Breathe Controller, Hammer, Sequencer, Comb filter, Highpass1, Panpot, String, Constant generator, Inverter, Pick Up, Tube, DAC, Keyboard, Pitch Shifter, VCA, Damper, Level Meter, Pitch Wheel, VCO, Delay, LFO, Player Plate, VCF, Distortion, Lowpass1, Plectrum, Vocoder, Divider, Lowpass2, Polykey and Volume.

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Polyphony - Up to 32 voices
Oscillators - Unlimited; Physically modeled sounds of vintage, electronic and acoustic sounds
Effects - Distortion, Delay, Flanger, Vocoder
Filter - Comb Filter, Lowpass1 (-6dB/oct); Lowpass2 (-12dB/oct); Bandpass2 (-6dB/oct), Highpass1 (-6dB/oct)
VCA - 1 VCA, 1 ADSR, 1 Envelope
Memory - Unlimited
Macintosh - Not Supported
Windows/PC - 233 MHz Pentium, Windows 95/98, DirectX 5.0 or higher, 1024 x 768 or higher screen, 16 bit or more color, 32 Mb RAM, Direct X supported sound card
Date Produced - 2000