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The Model E VST Plug-In from Steinberg is modeled after the classic Moog Model D Minimoog, capable of the same fat 3-VCO monophonic bass sounds of the Mini. But because the Model E is a software plug-in you get many more advantages over the real deal. To start, you have MIDI, unlimited storage for your created sounds, super-stable tuning, a warm filter and oscillators with crisp, clear sounds. Of course you are no longer limited to monophonic sounds, the Model E has 64 voice polyphony and 16 multitimbral parts. And the Plug-In comes at a fraction of the price and weight of a real Moog synthesizer! Cubase's MIDI tracks are routed directly to the input of Model E. outputs appear directly in the VST mixer, so effects and EQ can be applied just like any audio channel. All Model E settings are automatically saved with your song files and the final mix can be streamed out to an audio file.

But among all these new features the look and basic design concept remains true to the original Minimoog. Three oscillators per voice, a great 24dB filter with ADS and no LFO. And its sounds are just as authentic. Being digital, it's expected that they should lack some of the 'oomph' of an analog Minimoog. But they impressively cover the gamut of Minimoog bass sounds. From low heavy bass to nasal whistle-y sounds from HipHop and R&B to Techno. Other features include Mono-Mode and a Glide or portamento type effect. Up to 8 Model E's can independently be used as VST Instruments in a song.. it's like having 8 Minimoogs at your fingertips! At its low price, getting the Model E plug-in is a no-brainer for any Cubase VST user who has ever dreamed of using the Minimoog. It is used by Hans Zimmer.

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Audio Clip 1 Hear an excellent demo of the Model E playing a variety of sounds in this cool song.


Polyphony - 64 voices; 6 Waveforms per Oscillator
Oscillators - 3 Oscillators © Noise Generator
LFO - None
Filter - 2-Pole and 4-Pole Low pass filter with Modulation and Key Tracking
Envelopes - 2 Envelope Generators
Memory - 128 memories per VST instrument
Macintosh - Mac 604e, 250MHz, OS 8, 64Mb RAM, VST 2.0-compatible application
Windows/PC - Pentium II 266, Windows 95/98, 64Mb RAM, VST 2.0-compatible application
Date Produced - 2000


Images from Steinberg Online.