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The Pro-Five was a brilliant software-emulator recreating the sounds, the look and the programming methods of a legendary synthesizer - the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. However, aside from an ultra-clean, crisp and clear new sound the Pro-Five added unlimited polyphony and memory! And for a more authentic Prophet sound you can choose the Analog Warmth mode for a little warmth and noise, or use it in Digital Accuracy mode, either way it sounded great!

Velocity sensitivity, real-time MIDI control and automation of every parameter plus the option to run several Pro-Five's in parallel and all this at a fraction of the cost of the original made this Plug-In a must see, hear and have! The Plug-In shipped with 512 freely programmable preset memories and 512 selected classic analog sounds including 64 new up-to-date sounds by vintage-synth legend John Bowen! Truly a powerful addition to any musicians set-up!

* NOTE: The Pro-Five was succeded by the Native Instruments Pro-52 plug-in. It was a next step in the evolution of the virtual Prophet-5. It added delay, chorus, flange, external audio input, could function as a stand-alone application and reads original Prophet-5 SysEx MIDI messages for loading actual Prophet patches into the virtual plug-in.

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Audio Clip 1 You gotta hear it! See just how good it can sound. It really does sound like a Prophet 5, without all the hassles!


Polyphony - Unlimited (depending on CPU power)
Oscillators - 2 osc. per voice; pulse, triangle and saw-tooth; osc. can be synced and de-tuned
LFO - 1 with numerous modulation options
Filter - 24 dB low-pass filter with resonance and self oscillation
VCA - ADSR envelopes for amplitude and filter
Memory - 512 user, 512 classic presets
Macintosh - Power Macintosh or compatible system
Min. 604e/250 MHz processor
Min. 64 MB of free RAM
Mac OS 8.0 or higher
Cubase VST 4.1 or other VST 2.0 compatible host software
Windows/PC - Min. Pentium 266 MHz processor
Min. 64 MB of free RAM
Windows 95 or 98
Cubase VST 3.7 or higher, Nuendo or other VST 2.0 compatible host software
PC equipped according to the specifications of the host software
Date Produced - 2000


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