Ascension Live Performance by Lisa Bella Donna In Moog Sound Lab

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Thu, 06/03/2021 - 11:54


Naomi Bolton

Moog Music recently shared a video on their YouTube channel featuring the internationally acclaimed modular synthesist, Lisa Bella Donna, performing a track called Ascension. The performance, which was filmed in the Moog Sound Lab, was inspired by live synthesizer performances of the 1970s. It sees Lisa integrating the classic Moog Synthesizer IIIP with Moog One, Subsequent 37, Subsequent, and the Matriarch, Grandmother, Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon. 

According to Lisa, she has always regarded her synthesizer studio as a personal sacred space. With this track, she wanted to project a piece that expressed her happiness and gratitude to get creative with her friends and colleagues at Moog. 

Lisa has also recently released a three-track album called Turning Point, which is currently available on Bandcamp. Metrograph Films commissioned it for the post-celebration premiere of the documentary called Sisters with Transistors. Along with Turning Point, the album also features the tracks “An Omen Bird’s Departure” and “Autopsy.” 

Check out the video for Ascension below, and be sure to visit the official Lisa Bella Donna website for more information about this artist and her work (