Circuit Mono Station - More Than Just a Simple Hybrid

Circuit Monostation

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Sponsored Post:  The analog synthesizer market is getting pretty crowded these days, so it takes some innovation to get noticed. However, this hasn’t stopped Novation from releasing a couple of impressive products that truly stand out from the crowd. However, with their Circuit Mono Station they have actually turned to two of their own products for inspiration, namely their Novation Bass Station II and Circuit. The result of this interesting mash-up is a paraphonic analogue synthesizer that not only looks unique, but also has a lot to offer. By combining the proven analogue synth engine that has made Bass Station II such a hit with the brilliant sequencer of Circuit, Circuit Mono Station is much more than just a simple hybrid.

What Does It Offer?

It might be called Circuit Mono Station, but this bit of hardware actually features both monophonic as well as paraphonic modes along with individual glide control. It also has two oscillators and you are given individual control of their sync as well as tuning parameters. This is also where this delivers its paraphonic sounds as both oscillators are able to play two different notes. Circuit Mono Station also has high-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters with slopes of 12dB along with 24dB, so you can get the exact frequency band that you want. Its three distortion modes let you pick between classic Bass Station, new fuzz or even a mixture of both. Complex alteration and routing is also possible with Circuit Mono Station thanks to its four-by-eight modulation matrix, which is a departure from what Bass Station 2 has to offer. In addition, you are able to load and save up to 64 patches on the devices to ensure you have everything right at your fingertips.

Sensible Design

Circuit Mono Station is a stylish bit of equipment that features the synth controls at the top while the bottom half is dedicated to the sequencer controls. 32 Backlit pads are used for the playing interface of the sequencer and a row of buttons above them can be used to select multiple channels. Using the pads for programming and navigation takes some practice if you are used to a screen, but once mastered it quickly becomes second nature. The fact that Circuit Mono Station has dedicated controls for all of its functions means less need to fumble around to find what you need. With the exception of volume, all knob and slider movements can also be recorded. With 16 scale types to choose from and chromatic transposition, constructing melodies is a breeze.

circuit monostation

Convenient Connectivity

Novation is known for offering plenty of connectivity options with their hardware and Circuit Mono Station is certainly no exception. It is fully PC or Mac compatible using USB and can be connected to MIDI gear using its MIDI In, Out and Thru features. In addition, those who want to make use of the analogue filter and distortion of the Circuit Mono Station can use the audio input for their source audio. Finally, Circuit Mono Station features outputs for CV, Gate and modulation outputs in order to easily control separate hardware. Since Circuit Mono Station is a self-contained instrument the computer connection isn’t essential, but it does make certain tasks a lot simpler.

Price and Availability

Circuit Mono Station is available right now in stores at a retail price of $499.99. Considering what it offers you are getting a lot of value for money at this price. While it is slightly more expensive than the original Circuit, it offers a lot more possibilities in the right hands.

Final Thoughts

Bass Station II and Circuit are two of the best devices by Notation, so the Circuit Mono Station really offers the best of both worlds in one convenient design. The paraphonic capabilities of this device really allow for some unique sounds and the fact that the sequencer not only retains all the functions of Circuit, but adds some new ones is a huge bonus. Circuit Mono Station is definitely more than just the sum of its parts and while it might look like it is just a hybrid fusion of two devices, it really is a great bit of equipment with more depth than you might think.



Disclaimer:  This article is a sponsored post.