Modalics, D16 and Arturia New Software Roundup

Modalics, D16 and Arturia New Software Roundup

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A few companies, including Modalics, D16, and Arturia, have recently released brand-new software.

First up is Modalics' introduction of a new software drum machine called Beat Scholar. According to Modalics, Beat Scholar is "the ultimate rhythmic playground that will make sure your beats sound like no other." Beat Scholar presents users with a new way to compose rhythm by allowing them to combine subdivisions, place any drum on any beat, add bars, and change measures and beat values easily. The software also keeps users in musical context while encouraging experimentation and innovation.

Beat Scholar comes with a robust sampler and everything that users need to get started quickly. In addition to 250 carefully curated factory samples, users can load their own custom samples with a simple drag 'n drop interface. In addition, they have access to a wide variety of samples for each pad, along with built-in effects.

Beat Scholar is available at the special introductory price of $79.00, down from the regular price of $99.99. A 14-day free trial is also available from the official website (

Next up is D16 and their brand new software emulation of the Roland TB-303, called Phoscyon 2 AcidLine. According to D16, Phoscyon 2 is the "definitive" 303 emulation with super-convenient sequences to get your creative juices flowing immediately. In addition, they claim to have taken emulation of the 303 silver box to entirely new heights with a signal path that was completely re-designed. This has allowed them to achieve an unprecedented level of emulation accuracy in the latest incarnation of the plug-in.

Phoscyon 2 has a new sequencer and arpeggiator to make the plug-in more appealing. Users can edit patterns quickly and conveniently, play them live in a loop, or switch between them in whatever way they find most convenient. Along with easy access to all the familiar synthesis knobs, D16 also threw in the service trim pots and some new tweaks. These include knobs based on popular mods and circuit bends within the 303 community. Their implementation of distortion contains a selection of 19 distinctive-sounding modules, and Phoscyon 2 also has an arpeggiator that isn't the "typical, boring styled" one found on many other synths. In addition to a long list of other features, Phoscyon 2 has over 800 presets and patterns in factory content, has several UI sizes and HiDPI support for better screen fit, and MIDI Learn for easy controller assignment. Check out the introduction to Phoscyon 2 below and head to the official website, where the software is available at an introductory price of 89 Eur (

Also new this month is Dist COLDFIRE, a dual-engine distortion effect by Arturia. According to them, it goes from "rich tube saturation to unrestrained sonic destruction" in a few clicks. Dist COLDFIRE also combines analog and digital algorithms with deep modulation and customization, which means near-infinite distortion possibilities.

With Dist COLDFIRE, users can harness the power of two distortion engines and pair up any of the 11 distortion types. These include everything from emulated tube heat to icy digital bit crush. Users can also go beyond conventional distortion with six custom modulation slots, 16-step sequencing, comb filtering, and much more. In addition, Dist COLDFIRE comes with 150+ specialized presets that range from mix enhancers to wild modulated chaos. The software features an accessible interface and flexible features, but users looking for some extra functionality or room for experimentation can make use of the advanced panel.

To see the complete list of Dist COLDFIRE features or to try out the free demo, visit the official website ( The software is available for $99 but registered Arturia users can log in to their accounts to take advantage of personalized offers and discounts.