Moog Sound Studio Offers a Complete Synth Studio Experience

Moog Sound Studio Offers a Complete Synth Studio Experience

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Tue, 04/13/2021 - 08:22


Naomi Bolton

Moog recently revealed their Moog Sound Studio, which includes all of the equipment, cables, accessories, and education tools required for anyone new to the world of analog synthesis. According to Moog, it is a complete analog synthesis studio in a box with only a pair of headphones or personal speakers needed to get started.

Moog Sound Studio was created as an all-in-one solution for anyone just beginning their journey in professional sound design. However, there's enough here that even seasoned synthesists will enjoy the uniquely comprehensive approach Moog has taken here for exploring modular synthesis. It should come as no surprise, though, as Moog pioneered practical modular synthesizers back in the sixties. In recent years more brands have branched out to include DIY analog synths in their line-up, so it is great to see Moog once again stepping up to reclaim their place.

The Moog Sound Studio is available in two variations. One features the Mother-32 module along with the DFAM (Drummer from Another Mother), or users can opt for the DFAM and Subharmonicon combo. These combinations produce very different results and will reward users with very different experiences. Also included in each Sound Studio package is an audio mixer and power distribution hub, as well as a two-tier rack mount kit, patch cables, and cable organizer. Moog has even thrown in some extra goodies like a guided exercise and patch book to get users started. Some educational materials, games, and custom artwork round out each package. The custom artwork consists of characters, posters, and other interactive objects that were designed by two illustrators. Jim Stoten worked on the Mother-32 and DFAM package while Philip Lindeman was responsible for the Subharmonicon and DFAM ones. Moog believes that these materials will continue to be a source of inspiration for users as they explore sound in a whole new creative environment.

Moog describes the Mother-32 and DFAM pairing as the perfect anchor to any electronic studio, while the Subharmonicon and DFAM package is aimed at those looking for a more experimental journey. Moog also revealed that the creation of Sound Studio came about thanks to their employees observing the fun that the public had with multi-sensory installations at public events. They noticed that with the right tools, guidance and creative space users of any level of experience felt comfortable and excited about sound exploration. Moog then combined this knowledge with the years of feedback that they have received from the growing synthesizer community to develop a complete sonic exploration station.

The original visuals, characters, learning tools and tracks used to bring the Moog Sound Studio environment to life is also very much in line with the brand's philosophy. Even as far back as the first Moog modular synthesizer in 1964, which saw Bob Moog collaborate with composer and educator Herb Deutsch, artist collaboration formed an important part of the company's history. To demonstrate just how powerful the analog sound of the Moog Sound Studio is and the infinite sonic possibilities it has, Moog is also releasing a new compilation EP titled Explorations in Analog Synthesis. It is a genre-bending compilation featuring original compositions from artists such as Julianna Barwick, Dan Deacon, Madame Gandhi, Ela Minus, and others. Artists could pick their Moog Sound Studio of choice and then build their track around the instruments and accessories that were included. To listen to Explorations in Analog Synthesis check it out for free on the official Moog SoundCloud or using the player below.


Let us know in the comments below or on the forum what your thoughts are on the Moog Sound Studio and if they managed to tempt you into getting one for yourself or a loved one. For more information about Moog Sound Studio and other Moog products, be sure to check out their official website (