New Polyphonic Physical Modelling Synth Kickstarter 150% Funded In 18 Hours

New Polyphonic Physical Modelling Synth Kickstarter 150% Funded In 18 Hours

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Aodyo Instruments, a synth maker from France, recently launched a Kickstarter project for their polyphonic physical modeling synthesizer, the Anymo Omega. This was not their first foray into Kickstarter, as they had already achieved success with the Anyma Phi, a compact monophonic modeling synth. The Anyma Phi Kickstarter was launched in December 2020 and delivered to contributors six months later. Still, since then, Aodyo Instruments have been hard at work on a more powerful and full-featured instrument. The result is the Anymo Omega, which blew past its $82,765 goal to reach 150% funded in just eighteen hours. 

According to Aodyo Instruments, Anymo Omega blends the classic ingredients of electronic music with physical modeling technology. This allows it to simulate acoustic sound sources, including strings or reeds and resonating structures such as wood, glass, or metal. Anymo Omega also promises 16-note polyphony, multitimbrality, and easy access to 14 macro parameters that can control the main characteristic of patches. Furthermore, the large display and controls of Anymo Omega make it easy to tweak every parameter of every module, and the interactive synthesis path diagram provides direct access to the various modules. The technical specifications indicate that Anymo Omega will have 1000 individual user patches, 200 performances, 16 user microtonal scales, ARP and sequencer, and flexible audio routing between parts and external audio I/O. 

The powerful digital semi-modular synthesizer engine of Anymo Omega has three oscillator slots, five FX slots, two audio buses for mixing and FX assignation, 16 modular slots, and 32 mapping slots. It will be available in desktop, as well as keyboard versions, and Aodyo Instruments promises that both will include a large display and many controls along with unique sensitive wooden surfaces to feed resonators and enhance expressions.

The Kickstarter featured pledges for various discount tiers, and backers had already snapped up all the 43% and 40% off tiers at the time of writing. Concept development for the synth began in September 2021 until May 2022, followed by the prototype and testing between April and October 2022. Following the Kickstarter, development and production will take place between December 2022 and May 2023, with June 2023 promised as the delivery date for backers. Stretch goals for MPE support and new models and modules have already been unlocked with further goals such as enhancements and additional features for the part sequencer, a polyphonic aftertouch keyboard, additional I/O, and more possible.

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