Switched On - Bob Moog and The Synthesizer Revolution Now Available For Pre-Order

Switched On - Bob Moog and The Synthesizer Revolution Now Available For Pre-Order

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Fri, 07/29/2022 - 07:24


Naomi Bolton

The Bob Moog Foundation recently announced that pre-orders have opened for the upcoming biography by author Albert Glinsky. The book is titled Switched On - Bob Moog and The Synthesizer Revolution and will be the first complete biography of the electronic music pioneer.

While writing the biography, Albert Glinksy could draw on exclusive access to Bob Moog's personal archives and conduct probing interviews with Bob's family and associates. It promises a "nuanced trip through the public and private world" of the legendary inventor. Switched On also aims to take readers on a roller coaster ride that is triumphant, heartbreaking, and filled with laugh-out-loud moments of absurdity.

Much has already been written about Bob Moog but Switched On claims it will disrupt many long-held views about Moog's story. This was accomplished by drawing on a host of primary sources in an effort to overturn the common myths, timelines, and assumptions that have sprung up over the years. Switched On will also feature 58 photos, many of which have never been seen before by fans of Moog.

Albert Glinksy, who also wrote the biography of Léon Theremin, stated that he was honored to be asked to write Bob's biography. He added that he was proud to be able to offer this definitive story of Bob's complex life and career.

The Bob Moog Foundation, whose mission is to protect, preserve and share the wealth of materials in their archives with people worldwide, also supported Glinsky's efforts. In addition to facilitating interviews, they provided the author with access to hundreds of rare historical documents and photos.

Switched On - Bob Moog and the Synthesizer Revolution can be pre-ordered from the Bob Moog Foundation. However, those interested in some of the limited editions of the book will have to act fast as not a lot of them are being produced.

The hardcover first edition of the biography sells for $39.95 and consists of 496 pages along with a foreword by Francis Ford Coppola. The "Hardcover Book+" edition is limited to 100 copies and sells for $139.95. Along with a first edition copy of the biography, it includes an iconic black and white 11" x 17" poster of Bob Moog that is autographed by Michelle Moog-Koussa, Bob's daughter and Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation. It also includes a framed 6" x 4" postcard of Bob with a Moog modular. Finally, the "Hardcover Book++" sells for $339.95 and is limited to only fifty copies. These include copies of the biography that are individually hand numbered and inscribed by Michelle Moog-Koussa. Also included is an exclusive yet-to-be-released and never-before-seen hand-colorized 18" x 24" archival quality poster of Bob Moog, framed 6" x 4" postcards, and a personalized thank you note from the Bob Moog Foundation.

For more information and accolades for the biography, head to the Bob Moog Foundation website, where it can also be pre-ordered. https://bobmoogfoundation.myshopify.com/products/switched-on-bob-moog-and-the-synthesizer-revolution