Virtual Music Offers Polivoks Filter Upgrade for Waldorf Pulse

Virtual Music Offers Polivoks Filter Upgrade for Waldorf Pulse

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Fri, 01/22/2021 - 08:09


Naomi Bolton

It's not often that we see "upgrades" available for vintage synthesizers, but that is exactly what Virtual Music recently announced. Virtual Music, an Austrian company that specializes in the repair and support of vintage synthesizers, is now offering a Polivoks filter upgrade for the Waldorf Pulse synthesizer. The original Pulse filter is known to be rather hard and rough, but Virtual Music clearly believed that there was room for improvement.

According to their website, the Russian Polivoks synthesizer filter is legendary for its powerful and mangy sound. What they have done is create a small circuit board that can be installed in the Waldorf Pulse to accurately replicate this filter. Virtual Music claims that the upgrade can transform the Pulse into a fantastic sounding analog monster that can give a lot of famous vintage synths a run for their money. The filter upgrade offers low pass and band pass filter modes, but best of all, it doesnt' replace the original Pulse filter, which can still be used at any time. Check out the two sound demos below to hear the Polivoks filter in action.

Virtual Music designed the Polivoks Filter Upgrade as a circuit board that can be installed yourself. Doing so requires opening up your Pulse and performing some soldering, but the installation doesnt' alter the appearance of the synth. Virtual Music provides detailed instructions for performing the installation, but can also do it for you if you are in the area and willing to spend a little more.

Fore more information about the price and list of features offered by the Polivoks Filter upgrade, check out the official Virtual Music website. Let us know on the forum or in the comments below what your thoughts are about upgrading vintage synthesizer with new features.