Waldorf Returning To Their Roots With M Wavetable Synthesizer


Post date:

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 08:36


Naomi Bolton

Wavetable synthesis has been making a bit of a comeback lately, so it is no surprise to see Waldorf announcing a return to their musical roots with the Microwave-inspired M hybrid synth. According to Waldorf, M is a new generation classic hybrid wavetable synthesizer with classic Microwave and 'modern" Microwave II tone generation.

Packed in its desk-top-friendly form factor, users can expect an analog lowpass 24 dB/Oct VCF - SSI 2144 Improved Ladder Type - with resonance and analog saturation feature. It also features true stereo analog VCA with a panning option and 16 banks, each with 128 sounds. These 2000+ sound programs were professionally created by world-renowned sound designers and include all classic Microwave sound sets.

M is an eight-voice polyphonic, four-part multitimbral wavetable synthesizer with two wavetable oscillators. These have independent wavetable-generating Classic Microwave 1 and Modern Microwave II/XT modes, allowing wavetable oscillators to behave differently depending on the selected mode. M has two LFOs, but don't expect a modulation matrix like other Waldorf synths. Instead, it pays tribute to the 1989-vintage Microwave with modulation facilities that are set up directly on the corresponding display page. Additional features include an advanced ARP with 16 preset patterns, chord mode, and the ability to synchronize to MIDI clock along with four programmable envelopes. M also offers stereo analog outputs on the rear panel, a stereo headphone output, 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT/THRU DIN connectors, a USB 2.0 MIDI port, SD Card slot, and Kensington compatible security locks lot.

Check out the Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer sound demo below and visit the official website for more information.