Waldorf Unveils Upgraded Version of Flagship Synth

Waldorf Unveils Upgraded Version of Flagship Synth

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Waldorf’s Quantum caused quite a stir when it was first released in 2018 and was always going to be a tough act to follow with an update. However, Waldorf hasn’t been idle these past five years and has just released the Quantum MK2, promising more than just a refresh of their flagship synth. 

Quantum MK2 boasts quite a few substantial upgrades compared to the original hardware, with the most notable being the 61 keys Fatar TP8/SK with aftertouch, which is a first of its kind. According to Waldorf, the keybed offers musicians increased possibilities for musical and gestural expression, allowing them to fully utilize the enormous modulation capabilities of the Quantum synthesis engine. Quantum MK2 owners have access to all the capabilities of a traditional keybed, but extend this with an added dimension of control and creativity. 

Not only is the polyphonic aftertouch highly customizable in multiple dimensions globally, but also for individual keys. In addition, Quantum MK2 boasts a high-resolution graphical display that supports visual feedback and control to help with the customization process. Users who prefer using their own MPE-capable controller instead of the internal poly aftertouch keybed can do so by connecting it directly to the USB host port.

New to Quantum MK2 is support for up to 16 voices of polyphony in any combination. This is done using the 8-voice analog dual-filter architecture and the digital dual multi-mode filters in any combination. In addition, through the hybrid digital and analog synthesis, users have access to a whole new world of sonic possibilities, which is made even easier thanks to a new set of allocation modes. 

While the original Quantum had only a few GB of internal sampling storage, this has now been increased to 59 GB. In addition to the 59 GB of internal flash memory for samples, Quantum MK2 also has 3.4 GB for presets and wavetables. Furthermore, it will feature the 3.0 firmware, which Waldorf has designed to incorporate the requests and needs of musicians in terms of extending the polyphonic granular sampling engine and traditional multi-sample engine.

From a design perspective, Quantum MK2 features an updated mechanical design along with a classic naval blue look. In addition, Waldorf improved the mounting of the high-resolution touch display so that users can take advantage of wider viewing angles. It will also be more intuitive to control the advanced features of the Quantum synthesis engine. 

Finally, Quantum MK2 will ship with a massive library of factory presets and initial sample content. These were contributed by highly acclaimed sound designs from across the globe, including the likes of Richard Devine, Kurt Ader, Math Johnson, Kevin Schroeder, and others. 

According to Waldorf, Quantum MK2 will be available at the end of January 2023 with a price tag of 4.819,00 € (incl. German VAT). For more information, including the complete list of specifications, visit the official website (https://waldorfmusic.com/mk2/).