Yamaha Social Sound-Sharing Site For Synthesizers Celebrates 10,000 Uploads

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Owners of the Yamaha reface Mobile Mini Keyboards will be aware that the company launched an official social sound-sharing website called Soundmondo early last year. It was one of the first websites to take advantage of the Chrome WebMIDI feature that enables users to connect their MIDI devices to the Internet. This allows these devices to play online synthesizers and the Soundmondo website also made it easier than ever before to save or share sounds.

Soundmonod has proven to be a hit with users and according to Yamaha the growth of the site has exceeded even their own expectations. Since the site went live in January of 2016 users have been keen to upload their own sounds and currently more than 10,000 uploads are featured on Soundmondo. This is quite a milestone for such a short period of time and bodes well for the future of the service. Part of the popularity can be attributed to the fact that since WebMIDI is part of Chrome, it is compatible with both PC and Mac, as well as Android devices.

Of course, thus far Soundmondo has only been of benefit to owners of the Yamaha reface Mobile Mini Keyboards, but due to the growth of the site it looks like expansion to additional synthesizer platforms could also be on the cards. The most likely will be the MONTAGE line, which is the current flagship for the company. After rebranding their iOS app, reface capture, Yamaha is also planning on further integrating it with Soundmondo. In addition, adding social features such as ratings, leaderboards and comments are also high priorities for the company.

According to Nate Tschetter, who is the marketing manager for the music production division of Yamaha in America, the ultimate goal for Soundmondo is to maintain it as a valuable customer service. This means that when customers purchase a Soundmondo-ready keyboard, they not only receive a high-quality instrument, but also access to a global network of other people who are ready to check out your work and share their own. As Yamaha continues to add new features and make this global network even more interactive, it will continue to grow broader, which can only be good for keyboard owners.