WMD Shutting Down After 17 Years Due To Synth Module Parts Shortage

WMD Shutting Down After 17 Years Due To Synth Module Parts Shortage

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Fri, 08/12/2022 - 10:21


Naomi Bolton

Sad news for fans of William Mathewson Devices, or WMD as they are more commonly known, as they have announced their plans to shut down at the end of 2022. WMD is a manufacturer of modular synthesizers and effects pedals that have been around for almost two decades. In a blog post on their website, WMD thanked users for their support over the past 17 years before going on to mention that the state of the world has destroyed their sales numbers. They also stated that they have many new designs in the pipe that cannot be made due to the global parts shortage. Apparently, their lead times for parts have been getting pushed back from months to years with no telling if some will actually arrive.

WMD evaluated the situation and concluded that they have no choice except to wind down their production facility and close by the end of 2022. Citing the harmful effect of stress on their mental health as well as lack of incoming cash as reasons for making this drastic decision. As a small consolation for fans, WMD also announced three new products that are available for preorder on their website. All of these are currently in production with parts secured but are limited to a run of 600 each. In addition, all in-stock items on their website are being liquidated with a 30% discount until they are gone. These exclude their Performance Mixer, Metron, and the three newest products. According to WMD, the liquidation process will help with cash flow and allow them to keep employees for the end of the production runs while they transition to what is next for them.

Obviously, the closer of WMD raises some questions, which have also been addressed on their blog. They have stated that support for their products will continue for as long as possible, including repair services and replacements for all products covered under warranty. Unfortunately, this will not be possible for modules that fall outside of the warranty window. WMD added that one more run of 500 Metron is coming, which will be sold through deals and their own website. One more firmware update will be released to address any remaining bugs and add new features. Finally, along with the 30% off sale on their website, WMD might be putting any random modules, panels, and miscellaneous gear that they find on eBay. Anyone interested in purchasing these can follow them on Instagram (@wmdevices) for any announcements regarding these items. Those who wish to buy a bulk selection of electronic parts, soldering, and testing equipment are encouraged to contact them directly via email. For the full blog post regarding their closure, visit the official website (https://wmdevices.com/blogs/news/important-news).

WMD is joining a growing list that includes Future Retro and Bastl Instruments Thyme, that has had to close their doors due to part shortages.