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DDM-110 Super Drums

In 1985 Korg released two very simple and affordable digital drum machines, the DDM-110 (Super Drums) and the DDM-220 (Super Percussion). The sounds are slim pickin's and quite cheesy! It uses 8-bit sampled drum sounds which include kick, snare, hi/low toms, rimshot, handclap, cymbal, open and closed hi-hats. The sounds are anything but inspiring.

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DDM-220 Super Percussion

There are 10 buttons, an Accent control for each sound, and tempo controls. It stores 32 patterns and 6 songs. There is no MIDI, only DIN sync for external control. Definitely designed for practicing musicians, the DDM-110/220 has little use in modern day recordings unless you are looking for old, cheesy and lo-fi quality sounds.

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Korg DDM-110 & KAOSS PAD2


Polyphony - 8 voices
Sounds - 9 sampled sounds (8-bit, 15.6kHz): Kick, Snare, Low and Hi Toms, Rimshot, Claps, Cymbal, Open hi-hat, Closed hi-hat
Controls - Accent, Tempo
Patterns - 32
Songs - 6
Keyboard - 10 buttons
Effects - None
Control - 5-pin DIN Sync
Date Produced - 1985