Technosaurus Cyclodon

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The Cyclodon is a 16-step analog sequencer. The way it works is it basically runs in a loop. There is a Tempo adjust knob, but no visual indication of what the actual BPM is. There are another 16 knobs, each of which represent a 16th-note in the 1-bar loop. Adjusting each knob determines what pitches will be played at that step, but you can not program rests. This information is transmitted out via CV/Gate, an old analog (pre-MIDI) format for controlling other CV/Gate compatible vintage synths. The Cyclodon may also receive clock/sync via Roland style DIN-Sync input. It's analog, simple and affordable - it's perfect for anyone with analog synths who want to use vintage analog-style pattern sequencers. It also works great directly with the Technosaurus Microcon! And it's tiny too - about the size of a VHS tape.

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Keyboard - None
Memory - None
Control - CV/ Gate Outputs, Roland DIN-Sync input (NO MIDI!!)
Date Produced - Since 1998


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