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System B

The Selector series by Technosaurus are high quality Swiss made analog modular systems with all the benefits of modern day technology! Like any modular system, patch chords are used to route signal between the various modules in your system to create all kinds of analog sounds and effects. There are 11 modules available covering all the basics of modular synthesis. There's even a MIDI module with 8 analog outputs so you can integrate these systems into your MIDI/keyboard studio! They are excellent systems for anyone interested in learning how to create and program modular synthesizers and they can create some pretty impressive sounds too!

The Selector comes in several standard configurations as well as custom built systems. System A is a rackmountable 6-unit high wooden cabinet and because of it's small size, is the only System with no patchbay, all the patchings between the modules are hard-wired. The Basic system contains 3 VCO, VCF 2, Dual ENV, LFO, VCA, and Control MIDI modules.


System D

System B is a rackmountable 9-unit high wooden cabinet. It's the same as the System A except it comes with room for the patchbays, located beneath the modules.

System C is a wooden cabinet with ergonomically angled upper and lower 19 inch racks and patchbays in the middle. Basic systems contain 3 VCO, 2 VCF 2, 2 ENV, Dual ENV, 2 LFO, 2 VCA, 2 Triple Resonators, and Control MIDI modules.

System D is the largest system so far with two 38 inch racks with patchbays in the middle. Basic systems contain 6 VCO, 4 Octal Subharmonic Oscillators, 3 VCF 2, 3 Dual ENV, 2 Triple Resonators, 4 LFO, 4 VCA, and Control MIDI modules.

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Polyphony - Monophonic / Polyphonic
Oscillators -
VCO: This stable voltage controlled oscillator is generating sawtooth, sine, square and triangle waves. All of them be mixed up with turn pots. A hard sync function allows to create rich overtone spectres. Pulse wave modulation and frequency modulation are self-evident.
Dual Waveshaperr: Almost infinite possibilities to create waveforms offers the waveshaper. This module cuts off signal parts at the top and the bottom of the wave (clipping). The cut off signals can then be folded. Frequency doubling, chorus- or phasing-like effects are easy to realize. The two waveshapers can be set either in series or parallel.
OSHO - octal subharmonic oscillator: This Oscillator opens the hidden world of the undertones. In additive synthesis you can mix sine waves from the basis to the 8th undertone. Odd and even numbered tones can be separately modulated in their amplitude. Frequency modulation is included, too. A high pass filter serves to fade in and out the whole undertone-structure.
LFO / Noise: This wide range low frequency oscillator has the following waves: Sine, triangle, sawtooth and square as well as white and pink noise sources. You can modulate the frequency and the pulse with. Suitable as audio oscillator.
Sample&Hold : The sample and hold speed is either controllable by turn pot or an external signal. The sample can be the internal random source or an external one The speed of the random voltage can be adjusted.
Filter -
VCF 2 - "multimode" filter: This multimode-filter features voltage controlled resonance and frequency. The modes are 12 dB/Octave Lowpass and Highpass, 6 dB/Octave Bandpass and Notch. Due to the large frequency range this module can also treat sub-audio signals like an LFO.
TRES - triple resonators: Three frequency controllable bandpass-filters are situated in this module. The center frequencies can be modulated. They range from 32 Hz to 8 kHz. There is a manually adjustable Q-factor from 0.3 to 10. The whole effect can be voltage controlled in its loudness.
Dual Ringmodulator: The module calculates the sum and difference of the two signals at the inputs A and B. This is very simple with sine waves but gives a real cluster of tones when using sawtooth waves. Enharmonic structures and metallic sounds are the results. The two ring modulators can be set in series or parallel and can produce frequency-doubling as well.
VCA: Because of an inbuilt inverter and different kinds of modulation it is possible to make stereo panoramic effects when combining two of these modules. It features one exponential amplitude modulation input. The two others can be switched to work linear or exponential.
ENV / Dual-ENV: Here you can choose between an interruptable DADSR or ADSR and an automatically running AD or DAD envelope. Both normal and inverted shapes are available at the same time. Very fast attack clicks of 70 micro-seconds are possible.Single and dual versions available.
Keyboard - None
Memory - None
Control -
Control MIDI: Situated inside the power module, this interface has 8 different analog outputs: CV, Gate, Dynamic (Velocity), Aftertouch, Pitchbend, Mod-Wheel, Controller1 and 2. You get 6 octaves of range via MIDI. Optional DIN Sync and Clock outputs available.
Date Produced - Since 1996


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