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Since 1996, the Vintage Synth Explorer has been a leading online resource for vintage synthesizers, digital synthesizers, software synthesizers, and other forms of electronic musical instruments.

Detailed descriptions and reviews, pictures, audio and video demos, technical specifications, lists of famous users, links, and much more provide the ultimate way to learn about these instruments.

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Casio HZ-600

In 1987, Casio released a new Spectrum Dynamic synthesis on the market. In principle, the SD synthesizers are digital-analog hybrids with eight voices of polyphony. Read Full Review...

Yamaha EMT-10

The Yamaha EMT-10 is low cost, half-rack expansion module introduced as an extension for Yamahas Clavinova, Portatone and Portasound products; one a series of half-rack expansion modules, which included an FM module, a digital reverb, a disk recorder and a drum machine. Read Full Review...

MidiBox Sammich SID

MidiBox is an open-source, modular approach to MIDI and synthesis, and the SID project is an engine designed to provide powerful access to the sound enervation capabilities of the SID. Read Full Review...

Radikal Technologies Spectralis

The Spectralis is a professional synthesizer, groovebox, and sequencer created in 2004 by Radikal Technologies. The features are so complex and deep that they can keep an artist inspired for many years to come! Read Full Review...

Korg MS-20 mini

Korg's most famous mono-synth has been reborn as the MS-20 mini. Recreated by the same engineers who designed the original MS-20, this is an authentic reproduction of its specifications, and it delivers the same powerful sound. Read Full Review...

Horst MWT-01 Midi Wave Theremin

A professional Stereo Theremin, a Midi Controller and a analog style Mini Synth. The original MWT-01 Midi Wave theremin, made in Melbourne, Australia. This fresh take on an age old instrument is full of inspiring possibilities to bring fresh perspective to your music. Read Full Review...

Digital Keyboards Synergy

The Synergy is a rare digital additive synthesizer. It has played a significant role in the works of Wendy Carlos and, while it did not last long in the market, they are still amazing synthesizers that were certainly ahead of their time. Read Full Review...

Roland Gaia SH-01

If you're in the market for a hands-on synthesizer, the Roland Gaia SH-01 is not to be overlooked. An analog modeling synthesizer that retains the basic traits of previous SH-series synths with user-friendly layout and compact design worthy of stage and studio. Read Full Review...

Korg Monotron

The Monotron is Korg's first analog synthesizer in nearly thirty years. It's small enough to fit in your pocket and runs on batteries but is a true mono-synth with a voltage-controlled filter straight out of the iconic MS-10 and MS-20. With a retail price around $50, who wouldn't want a few of these? Read Full Review...

JoMoX MBase 11

The MBase does only one thing, but does it well: it creates 100% analog kick/bass drum sounds. It is the bass drum from the XBase 09, XBASE 999 and the AirBase 99 in a small desktop module that can be triggered via MIDI and external audio/trigger sources. Read Full Review...

Waldorf Blofeld

The release of the Blofeld synthesizer in 2007 helped resurrect Waldorf Music GmbH from near extinction. This compact wavetable synthesizer boasts one of the most complex digital engines on the market and is well equipped to compete with other powerful digital synthesizers. Read Full Review...

Moog Slim Phatty

The Slim Phatty has the same engine as the much-loved Little Phatty but in a rack-mountable unit that can also be used as a tabletop unit or chained with other Phatty devices for the ultimate in multi-voiced Moog richness. Read Full Review...

Moog MF-105M MIDI MuRF

The MIDI MuRF is a filter sequencer, capable of creating animated filter effects across eight frequency bands. These warm and resonant filters can be applied to any sound source: guitars, synthesizers, vocals, etc. All processing is 100% analog and its parameters can be controlled from MIDI, expression pedals or CV-compatible instruments. Read Full Review...

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