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You can NO LONGER support Vintage Synth Explorer by making a donation using PayPal.

We have decided to stop accepting money donations due to the administrative burden this caused. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated in the past. You have helped us grow this site to what it is today! Members of the forum who belong to the group "VSE Supporters" will still do so going forward to show that you have supported us.

Since 1996 the VSE has been online and we have kept the site, message boards and classifieds 100% free. Your generous donations have ensured that we could pay our running costs and were able to keep this site online for the benefit of our visitors.

If you were a registered member of our forums and you made a donation, you would automatically have been upgraded in rank to a 'VSE Supporter', provided that your Paypal email address matched the email address you used when registering in our forums. Please contact the webmaster/forum admin in case you were not automatically upgraded to a 'VSE Supporter' or have any other questions about this.

So if you've been visiting us for years or are here for the first time and find our site to have been a valuable resource, please now send us a small token of your gratitude in another form instead. Perhaps simply start a great conversation in the forum, or reply to someone's question and keep the community flourish. Another way of showing your gratitude is to tell people about the site through social media or similar. Spread the word and help us grow into the largest synth site online!

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    Top 25 Music Websites, Jan 2000

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    Electronic Musician

    Website of the Month, June 2001

    "The Vintage Synth Explorer is a valuable resource for any musician working with electronic instruments... Be prepared to stay awhile."

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    Featured Website, Dec 2000

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