Rumors of Arturia working on an Ensoniq SQ-80 virtual instrument have been swirling around ever since some images were leaked early in September. Finally, these rumors turned out to be confirmed, with Arturia officially announcing the release of their SQ80 V synth plugin.
Wavetable synthesis has been making a bit of a comeback lately, so it is no surprise to see Waldorf announcing a return to their musical roots with the Microwave-inspired M hybrid synth.
Synthetic Sound Labs have recently teamed up with Division-6 to release an upgraded version of their popular 1650 Sequencer. Called the 1651 Mini Sequencer II, this Moog format sequencer offers quite a few improvements over its predecessor.
Reason Studios announced the release of Reason 12 back in May of 2021, and true to their words, it is now available for purchase.
Behringer recently shared a post on their Facebook page asking fans what they would think if the company made an MS-5 synth. The post was accompanied by photos of the MS-5, which appears to be a clone of the Roland SH-5.
The ARGON series, which Modal Electronics describes as a true sound designer’s playground, just got a little better with the recent release of a firmware update.
Danish electronic instrument manufacturer, Gotharman recently announced on Facebook that their Urano Modular Synthesizer is available for pre-ordering. However, due to the current global chip shortage, it is expected that the availability of this instrument might be limited.
If you live in the US and love synthesizers, there's no excuse to miss out on the epic giveaway by Novation and Sequential. These two powerhouses have teamed up to provide one lucky winner with a synth and controller bundle worth over $1,900 USD.
After his success with the LYRA-8 synthesizer, Vlad Kreimer went on to found SOMA Laboratory in 2016. Since then, the small boutique company has gone on to release a number of interesting instruments and projects.
Sound Magic recently released a brand new virtual bass instrument that they have dubbed FusionX for both Windows and Mac. According to Sound Magic, FusionX is not a sample of a model of bass.
A Swedish company called Samplab has recently released a new plugin that allows users to edit the notes in their polyphonic audio samples. While this is not exactly a new invention, as Melodyne's Direct Note Access technology has been around for a while, it is still very useful.
If you love classic '70s string synths but are strapped for cash, then LABS Synth Strings by Spitfire Audio might be of interest. It is a free VST featuring classic synth textures that have been created from the infamous Solina String Ensemble.
A number of conventions had to be canceled or postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, and this trend has continued in 2021. Some were able to move their events into the online space, while others have opted to wait things out.
The cassette label Ultraviolet Light recently announced the release of a special album called Buchla Now. The album, which is a celebration of both their 5th year and 20th release, is a collection of new music created on synthesizers designed by Don Buchla.
After their 2020 Trifecta Raffle, the Bob Moog Foundation is back this year to make one synth enthusiast very happy with their 15th Anniversary Synth Raffle. The purpose of the raffle is to make the beginning of the Bob Moog Foundation celebrating 15 years of preserving Dr. Moog's legacy.