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Elektrik Piano is a very cool software synth that will definitely satisfy those of you looking for realistic electric piano sounds. Elektrik Piano is a beautiful and simple soft-synth that offers four different classic electric pianos, the Fender Rhodes MK I and MK II, Hohner Clavinet E7 and Wurlitzer A 200. Elektrik Piano is available for Mac and Windows/PC supporting all major plug-in formats (VST, Audio Units, RTAS, DXi, ASIO, Core Audio, DirectSound).

Elektrik Piano is based on Kontakt's sampling engine which offers high quality 32 bit processing and support for up to 96kHz sample rates. Every single note of each of these classic e-pianos was meticulously sampled for a more true-to-life sound than software emulation can provide. The folks at NI made sure to do the best job recording and programming these samples to provide you with the best sounding (and still versatile) e-piano. These full-length samples were captured at various velocities and also have special release samples for that authentic vintage feel. All of Elektrik Piano's samples can also be loaded into Kontakt for further tweaking. NI's Direct From Disk streaming function is also supported to take the strain off your computer's RAM while still maintaining ultra-low latency.

Using Elektrik Piano simply couldn't be easier. There are over a dozen patches for each of the four pianos just a mouse-click away. With a simple and intuitive interface, there are just seven knobs for tweaking. Master tuning, pan and volume are on the right. The four knobs on the left control various parameters depending on which patch is selected. Typically they offer tone controls, tremolo, chorus, delay, reverb, phaser, saturation, and other simple effects. The settings of these knobs can be saved as "Performances" for quick recall. A few sparse displays indicate MIDI channel, number of voices in use to voices available, RAM and CPU usage and a cool analog-like level meter. Simply the easiest, smartest and most affordable way to get all these vintage electric pianos under your fingertips!

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  • The link above will take you to an eBay search for this synth to see active listings. If you don't find it there, try looking in our forum marketplace or post a wanted classified.
  • Specifications
  • Polyphony - Variable, up to 256 simultaneous voices
  • Sampler - Based on the KONTAKT sampling engine with 32 bit processing and up to 96 kHz sample rate support. Multisampled sounds include Fender Rhodes MK I (27 patches) and MK II (19 patches), Hohner Clavinet E7 (22 patches) and Wurlitzer A 200 (21 patches).
  • Effects - Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Reverb, Delay, Saturation, Multiband EQ and more.
  • Keyboard - 73 virtual keys
  • Macintosh - Minimum: Mac OS 10.2.6, G4 867 MHz, 512 MB RAM
    Recommended: Mac OS 10.3, G4 1.2 MHz, 1 GB MB RAM
    VSTi, Audio Units, RTAS, Core Audio, ASIO
  • Windows/PC - Minimum: Windows XP, Pentium/Athlon 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM
    Recommended: Windows XP, Pentium/Athlon 1.2GHz, 1 GB MB RAM
    VSTi, DXi, RTAS, DirectSound, ASIO
  • Date Produced - 2004

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