Elektron Monomachine SFX-6/60

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Monomachine SFX-60

The Monomachine combines several types of synthesizers with an intuitive beat-box-style programming interface. Think of it as five synthesizers in one package with a flexible sequencer and plenty of real-time controls for a unique twist on desktop music machines! It has 6-part multitimbral capability which allows for up to 6 mono-synth sounds at once, or a single 6-voice polyphonic sound.

The SuperWave synthesizer, which is analog modeled, gives warm and thick sounds made from unique algorithms that makes sounds free from the artifacts normally associated with digital processing. Traditional (and 303-like) saw and pulse waveforms and sub-oscillators give you fat bass synth and lead sounds, while the ensemble is specialized in creating polyphonic textures, chords, and harmonies.

The Mono-synth SID is based on the synthesis of the legendary SID chip, from the Commodore 64. The SID 6581 machine offers one oscillator of high quality synthesis, complete with ring-mod and sync. Just like the original, the oscillators are derived from an extremely fast main counter, giving the crisp highly recognizable sound.

DigiPRO offers raw digital waveforms, which can be put into animated life. The BeatBox, which is a part of DigiPRO, offers a percussive toolbox shaped in the traditions of the Machinedrum E12 synth. The sounds of DigiPRO WAVE are harsh and electric and stand out in the mix.

FM+ is 21st century FM synthesis. It implements world class frequency modulation algorithms that address the complexity problem normally associated with FM. All three FM+ machines are based around a number of custom made FM blocks. The machines have been handcrafted, each with its own personality.

VO is inspired by classic voice modeling methods using formant synthesis. The goal was not to recreate any existing voice or speech synthesizer, but to create a new way of building and controlling a synthetic voice in a way that suits musicians. VO-6 is the VO incarnation of the Monomachine. User controllable between pulse or white noise, formant filters and a set of predefined consonant-like sounds.

While the Monomachine's 6-part beat-box-style sequencer can be used to create your own synth grooves, it offers six additional MIDI tracks that can be used for controlling external MIDI gear. MIDI control data can be generated realtime, with parameter locks and with LFOs. Each MIDI track offers a full implementation of the Monomachine arpeggiator.

Elektron Monomachine Image

Monomachine SFX-6

The SFX-6 is a limited edition of the original SFX-60, with an integrated 3-octave LED-action keyboard, MULTI-TRIG key and specialized sound manipulating super-smooth dj-style joystick. Owner's of the original SFX-60 can purchase an external control keyboard to replicate SFX-6 functionality.

So without further ado, click on the YouTube link above so you can see and hear the Monomachine in action!

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58 Visitor comments
December 30, 2010 @ 6:02 pm
I should mention, if you can find the SFX6-version (which I own), get it, the joystick can be assigned in all 4 axis with 2(!) freely assignable destinations per jt direction, and with variable modulation intensity as well, also, the keyboard adds a new dimension to the already lovable interface and shines beautifully in multi-trig, and surprisingly performs great for pads and strings, shimmering digital bliss in true poly (if you want to). Oh and don't forget the loads of line-in fx options with midi-syncable triggering AND parameter locks, this kills with another synth/CDJ/traktor.. A monster, the innocent appearance of this box houses mayhem and win of unfatomable proportions. True synth wizardry!
December 21, 2010 @ 2:01 am
I've gotten to known Elektron gear from the MD, and it showed me what a real instrument is supposed to be. Simple but powerful, intuitive but deep, serious but also fun and inspirational, and I'm happy to say the Monomachine has all these qualities as well, but this nothing of a "MD-rehash". The "5 synths in 1"-claim is disputable since this only really affects the "oscillator"-section, they all share the same amp/filter/fx/LFOs, normally this would have bothered me but it makes up for it and more by having the most user-friendly and streamlined UI I've ever seen on ANY musical device. The sound is a personal matter, if you worship analogue you'll probably hate the MM's crisp, clean digital sound. If you love unique and quirky electronic timbres however this synth will always feel refreshing :)
November 1, 2010 @ 11:48 am
Spend some time with this machine and you will not regret a second. I must warn you that it is almost definitely going to change the way you feel about making music. At least it has taken me to another dimension and I love it!
October 26, 2010 @ 9:40 am
As used by Autechre & LFO of Warp Record. Seen Ae use it live a few times now and there's pics on the net of Mark Bell using one live. I have the mk1 and its amazing. Wouldn't mind have a UW model but vanilla model is pretty bloody brilliant!
October 11, 2010 @ 12:42 pm
@fluke As always say when I read comments about the price of something: you don't have to buy it. This is an impressive synth, worth every penny.
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  • Specifications
  • Polyphony - 6 Part Mono OR 1 6-voice Poly
  • Oscillators - 5 independent monosynths: SuperWave, FM+, SID, DigiPro, VO
  • LFO - 18 Temp-synced LFOs (3 per track)
  • Filter - 1 Resonant 24db hi-Q multimode filter per track
  • VCA - Attack, Hold, Decay, Release (comparable to ADSR); can be trigged w/out note-on
  • Effects - 6x Tempo-synced Delay, 6x 1-Band EQ, 6x Sample Rate Red., 6x Distortion, etc.
  • Sequencer - 6-track Internal Sequencerv / 6-track Ext. MIDI Seq.
  • Arpeggiator - 12x Multi Func. Programmable Arp. (6 for internal seq. / 6 for ext. seq.)
  • Keyboard - SFX-6: 37-note LED'd keyboard / SFX-60: None
  • Memory - 6x128 User Programmable Patches; 128 User Programmable Patterns; 32 Songs
  • Control - 3x MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • Date Produced - 2004
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    Reviewed August 2008.

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