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Good things can come in small, light-blue packages! The Syntrack combines a digital wavetable oscillator with an analog filter (Cascade Filter). The filter output passes through the analog Distorter which shapes your sound to be powerful and rough. It's a 1-unit rack module with full MIDI implementation and an aggressive analog sound. Front panel controls seem slim, but everything you need is right there to create simple but fat synth sounds.

The Syntrack offers 99 Programs and easy programming because each parameter has a pot. Every tweak of a knob will send MIDI controller data to your sequencer or other MIDI gear. In fact the MIDI CC#'s are printed under each knob right on the front panel. And each parameter responds to MIDI controller input data as well. The Syntrack can also respond to velocity and aftertouch. The wavetable can be expanded by a second chip to double the memory. The Syntrack also offers an external audio input for running external sounds through the filter.

Simple effective analog mono-synth sounds for the modern studio. Its sounds are unique, aggressive and the whole package is very affordable. A great alternative to more common rack-mount mono-synths and older, less reliable vintage gear.

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4 Visitor comments
April 22, 2014 @ 8:26 am
8 bit is not always 'dull'. It depends on the samplerate
October 2, 2013 @ 1:08 pm
The syntrack on one hand looks like a limited piece of junk! But as acid synths go this thing is unique. It is made to respond to accented sequences like other 303 clones but the major difference being all the waveforms one has and can cycle thru as the basslines go. The filter is a real standout and gives loads of character. If you're looking for another full featured mono to heap on the pile you will hate the bare bones syntrack with a passion. Is is a one trick pony? absolutely. But what a weird one it is! Consider it an acidhead's secret weapon.
Circuit Circus
June 6, 2011 @ 4:23 am
What could be said, aditionally, is that the Syntrack's waveforms are quantized to 8 Bits (I know this from contact to Spectral Audio Support). Thus you may dislike playing dull forms.
January 10, 2011 @ 8:47 am
The fat swiss! Totally fameless and underrated synth though it's based on a good technique and strong bottom end. The waveforms in it are very biting and dirty. Thus and due to the fact, that there's a certain amount of noise on some waveforms (probably from the digitization process) it's nothing for clean sounds. But you can get some fat lead and bass sounds out of it. It's a monophonic one but the combination of digital waves and the analog filter and distortion makes it an interresting instrument.

I will try to get the eprom now.
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  • The link above will take you to an eBay search for this synth to see active listings. If you don't find it there, try looking in our forum marketplace or post a wanted classified.
  • Specifications
  • Polyphony - Monophonic
  • Oscillators - Wavetable Oscillator with 100 Waves (expandable to 200)
  • LFO - Yes
  • Filter - Analogue 24 dB Cascade Filter with Resonance and Self oscillation
  • VCA - Release, Decay, Level, Distortion
  • Memory - 99 Programs (1 .. 29 = Presets, 30 .. 99 = User Programs)
  • Keyboard - None
  • Arpeg/Seq - None
  • Control - MIDI In / Out / Thru
  • Date Produced - 1998 - 2008
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